Why do we wear what we wear?…
A Winter coat obsession

Usually my hours of pinterest wandering are focused on interior day dreams, aspiring globe trotting and a smattering of prop styling and wedding distractions. But lately my pinterest feed has been all about the winter coat, and my (dream!) wardrobe in general. I blame my sister…she gave me a present of this book which is a fascinating exploration of our relationship with clothes and why we wear what we wear.


It probably sounds a bit strange, but I for one have always had an emotional attachment to clothes and associate key moments in my life with the outfit I was wearing at the time. From my communion dress made by my grandmother, the hideous combinations I wore to a teenage disco or the outfit I was wearing when I first met my husband, the clothes and the moment don’t seem to exist without the other. So it was reassuring to read so many different women’s interpretation of the role of fashion and clothing in their world. Apart from it being an intriguing read filled with insight, it has awakened a perilous need to go out and replace my whole wardrobe!


I’ve always dreamed of having a perfectly edited wardrobe where every piece coordinated with the next, to make an effortlessly chic uniform of sorts. A girl can dream but I figure if I’m going to attempt it, it’s better to choose carefully (my credit card would also appreciated this slowly slowly approach!), making sure that each piece can stand the test of time. And where better to start with an investment piece than a gorgeous statement coat?!


Cue a million pins on my style board with all sorts of off duty model types looking moody and sophisticated. The kind of thing to make you think having four statement Winter coats is a perfectly logical idea…thankfully my husband will be happy to hear I’ve curbed it at a pinterest obsession and sated it somewhat with a stunning Sandro Paris coat found at 50% off last week. But for anyone with a Christmas wishlist looking for more candidates, I’ll be keeping an eye out for all of these beautiful looks in the sales!


What about you? Do clothes ever seem like a diary of your life or are they simply something functional to keep you from catching your death of cold? Whatever way you look at it I hope you get some lovely things under the Christmas tree this year!

Image Credits: 1. Daria Daria | 2. Elizabeth Suzann | 3. Polienne | 4. via Pinterest

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