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Having resisted picking it up for quite some time I recently finished reading The Secret. The hype at the time had put me off and while I’ll still be taking it all with a pinch of salt, I agree that having a positive outlook on life and awareness of your thought processes can’t but help you to feel better. The ultimate premise of the so called “Law of Attraction” is based on the idea that like attracts like, so if you focus on the things you want in your life they will be attracted to you. A bit extreme maybe but I really liked the emphasis on gratitude which is something I’ve been trying to consciously practice over the last few weeks. There are so many amazing things and people in my life (from the simple things to immense) that I am so lucky to have, and daily awareness and thankfulness for it all has really put a spring in my step. So I’m hedging my bets even further and putting some of the things I’d still love to attract in my life out there…hey, it can’t do any harm right?! It’s no surprise to any of you that read this blog regularly that I am itching to be able to own my own home at some point and ultimately raise a family there. Here are few images pulled from my dream home board that capture how I would like that home to look but more importantly feel (including the dreamy makeover that gorgeous Holly did to her bedroom, that girl is a wizard whose skills I will certainly be taking advantage of!) Have any of you made a similar inspiration board for future wishes and if you’ve read The Secret, what’s your verdict?!

ciara o'halloran-home-stylist

ciara o'halloran-home-stylist

ciara o'halloran-home-stylist

ciara o'halloran-home-stylist

Image Credits: 1: Beth Kirby | 2: Magnus Pettersson & Sarah Van Peterghem | 3: Fab Architecture | 4: Holly Marder

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  1. I watched ‘The Secret’ years ago and am with you on being a tad skeptical because of all the hype surrounding it but at the same time I do believe that doing more of what you love only brings more of that which you love into your life. I also believe that our feelings, thoughts and the energy we give to them play a role in the things we attract to our lives. The moment you attach a ‘feeling’ to a thought or happening, that you are attracting more of that specific feeling from the concentrated energy going into that thought. Make sense? Anyway, I love the life you are mapping out for yourself, Ciara, and know that your beautiful home isn’t far off. And I’d be delighted to be called upon for any style related adventures that this future home may bring! Thank you for spotlighting my bedroom.

    • Ciara

      Completely agree Holly, awareness of how we think and feel about things can’t be a bad thing in my eyes, regardless of the end result! I’m certain it won’t be the last time some of your gorgeous work ends up in my inspiration boards! Your styling is going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see where the adventure will take you xx

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