Texture, movement and light…
Playing with Moodboards

Having been featured in Image Interiors and Living this month, talking about how to create the perfect mood board, today felt like a “here’s one I made earlier” moment. I often have a whole range of inspiration boards on the go at the one time. Some are for specific events or editorials and some, like this one, have evolved while trawling pinterest and are filed away for future reference.  I talked before in this post about the pivotal role played by colour in an editorial inspiration process. It’s almost always my starting point and the guiding element that ties the mood of a shoot together. But colour alone is one dimensional and needs something more to bring it to life, a hint of texture, movement and light. The board below is one of my favourite examples of those elements working together in harmony to fully appeal to the senses. I always feel it’s a bit of a waste if a mood board isn’t brought to life, so here’s hoping this beauty can come to fruition at some point.

ciara-o'halloran-style serendipity-prop stylist-ireland

Image Credits: 1: Lizzo | 2: Uca Skrot  | 3: wish flowers | 4: Pinterest

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