Concrete Kick…Inspiring Spaces

I know it seems like a bit of a weird element to be craving in a home but I’m really drawn to cement, concrete and bare plaster walls at the moment. Maybe it’s just a fad linked to the minimal industrial trend, but I certainly wouldn’t object to spending some time in these spaces! From polished concrete floors, showers, counter tops and even your kitchen ceiling, the diversity it endless. Offset with soft greenery, a hint of warm copper or natural wood, concrete suddenly seems more undone glamour than motorway flyover, and should cost a lot less than some more traditional materials. Check out the beauties below, I’d certainly be curious to see how it stacks up in real life!






 Image Credits: AmorfoArchitecture Art Designs | Designed for Life | Digs Digs | Dwell

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4 Responses to Concrete Kick…Inspiring Spaces

  1. I’m loving this look too Ciara! I think it’s the clean minimalism with texture that draws me to it, and I love grays :)

    • Ciara

      Thanks Alise, I agree I think it’s the muted tones and texture that’s attracting me, hopefully it looks as good in real life!

  2. I looooove concrete use in interiors. It plays a big feature in my dream house;))

    • Ciara

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with a dream house list! ;) Hope all the celebrations and last minute plans went well Sona, will look forward to catch up when you’re back next, enjoy the adventure and homecoming in the mean time x

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