Adorn the Walls…Four New Artists to Enjoy

I’m always on the look out for new artists to follow and admire, it seems ethereal, abstract paintings are top of my wish list at the moment. There’s nothing like some art to make a house feel like a home and I hope as the years go by I’ll be able to add a piece or two to our space every now and then. The original plan was for Rian and I to buy a new piece of art on each wedding anniversary but as it’s coming up on year 3 (how did that happen?!) it looks like we’ll have to play catch up at some point. The four artists below have certainly stopped me in my tracks this week and have fueled the inspiration further. You can see my full art wishlist/virtual collection here.

abstract art

Linda Donohue


Landon Metz

abstract art

Koen Lybaert

abstract art

Isabel Ramoneda


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