Making Music in Dublin…
Hibernian Orchestra Concert

I don’t often get the chance to share goings on of my music life on the blog, but this Sunday I’ll be performing with the Hibernian Orchestra in the RDS in Dublin. I’ve played with orchestras on and off throughout my life and apart from it giving me the chance to experience amazing concert halls in far flung places, it’s always been something that I’ve absolutely loved (It didn’t do any harm either that I first starting going out with my husband thanks to performing in the same orchestra!). There’s something very special about sitting in the wall of sound created by a symphony orchestra and contributing to something so powerful. This Sunday at 3pm we’ll be performing a programme inspired by the world of ballet and theatre. Two interpretations of Romeo and Juliet, one by Tchaikovsky and the other by Prokofiev will be brought to life (the latter, ironically, was originally written with a happy ending where Romeo is warned in time of Juliets plan, and lives!) Soloist Sean Rooney will also perform Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 4, and it’s a concert filled with all the passion, romance and emotion of the star crossed lovers story. There won’t be any real life ballerinas there, but if you’re tempted to an afternoon away from the computer or smart phone, it really is a beautiful selection of music. Tickets are available on the door for a 3pm concert, you can hear a taster below!



Image Credits: Nana Lutea | Leanne Crowe

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