Copper and Ink Blue Inspiration…
The Creative Process

While writing about mood board creation for an upcoming magazine article, I realised for me, it’s often as simple as seeing a pattern of colours and textures emerging in my pinterest board. Though it’s tempting to over analyze ideas in the search for new visual inspiration, I find my best work emerges when I just focus on what I love and see what themes unfold. Case in point, it seems shades of copper and inky blues are still very much on my radar judging my the collection of pins that ended up side by side on my pinterest trawl this week, and I think it’s one of my favourite boards so far!

copper-ink-shades-inspiration-board-ciara o'halloran-prop styling

Credits: 1. Kira Corbin |2 + 3. Anthropologie | 4. Notes on Design

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The Creative Process

  1. Love this combo, particularly that deep, moody blue!

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