Inside a Stylists Home…
Light and Airy Stockholm Apartment

Oh you stylish Scandinavians…how do you always make design look so easy? I’m always fascinated to see how other people live, and getting to peek into the home of a stylist just intrigues me even more! One such Swedish stylist who definitely seems to have inherited that innate sense of interior design is Johanna Laskey, creator of one of my new favourite reads, Lovely Life. Her light and airy apartment caught my eye and I like the pairing of original 1920′s features with bright white walls and muted accessories. The textures and tones all work together to create a sense of cosy minimalism and I love seeing how people incorporate not so pretty elements like tvs into their space without compromising on style. You can see the rest of the house tour and read more about Johanna’s work as a stylist here.








Image Credits: Johanna Laskey

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3 Responses to Inside a Stylists Home…
Light and Airy Stockholm Apartment

  1. Oh Ciara, I just adore Scandinavian design too – mix that with some french farm house style and I’m in heaven! :) I love her space.

    • Ciara

      It’s gorgeous isn’t it Alise! I don’t know how they do it but the Scandinavians (and the Dutch!) always seem to make it look so effortless. I think it’s the general appreciate of design that helps too, we’ll get there one day!

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