Unexpected Christmas Decor…
Fresh DIY Ideas

This will be the second Christmas in a row where my husband and I haven’t decorated our apartment for Christmas. For someone who absolutely adores the cosy festive cheer of Christmas and having any excuse to have a real live tree bedecked in fairy lights indoors, this is indeed a sad story. With extra work keeping me in Cork for the last two weeks and our intention to stay here and catch up with friends and family for much of the Christmas break, practicality (read a practical minded husband!) won over and I agreed getting a tree etc just didn’t make sense. To be fair as I sit writing this I’m snuggled up next to a roaring fire admiring the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations in my mums place, so it’s not like I’ve been totally deprived, but I am conscious when I finally return home next week it might feel a bit bare. Hence I’ve put a game plan in action, and these three gorgeous DIY’s I stumbled upon will be tried out in operation bring Christmas last minute to Dublin. I seem to be drawn towards a fresh and green style this year but I figure that just gives me an excuse to keep them up for most of January..that’s totally allowed, right? Links are below in case you’d like to give them a try!




Image Credits: 1: Design Lovefest | 2: via The Entertaining House | 3: Erin Boyle via Gardenista

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