Musicians Haven…A Swedish Home Tour

While my passion for design and interiors is a bit more obvious than that of my husband, that’s not to say he doesn’t take an interest in how we decorate our home. As we’re still bound by the restraints of a rented apartment, we haven’t had to make any serious decisions when it comes to interior design taste just yet, but I will be eager to see how our various styles will meld when we finally have free reign to do whatever we want with a space! I’m always interested to see how a couple have combined their aesthetic and this beautiful bright Swedish apartment struck me as a perfect balance of masculine and feminine influences. Using a base palette of grey and black, edgier elements like the black wired chairs are balanced by pops of red tones in the accessories, with just enough of a hint of soft pink to stop it from becoming too harsh.


Ethnic prints in the cushions and rugs are offset with beautiful illustrations on the photo gallery wall. Balancing art with a mix of real frames and illusion frames created by washi tape is a trick I’ll definitely be stealing. While the big windows and high ceilings were an obvious attraction, one of the main features that attracted owners Emma and David to the space was the amazing acoustics! Only musicians would choose a home based on acoustics, love it! While I can totally relate that having the right space to practice as a professional musician is pretty essential, I think the rest of the features of the apartment are pretty perfect no matter what you do for a living! You can see the full feature over at Swedish magazine Allt i Hemmet. What about you? If you live with someone else, do you find it a challenge to balance your different tastes or does one person get to decide certain areas?




Credits: Styling: Johanna Pilfalk & Images: Sara Landstet for Allt i hemmet

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  1. Emma Solveigsdotter


    I am so happy to see that me and my partner are mentioned in this blog-post! Usually someone else is taken for the stylist. Thank you for your lovely review and have a great weekend!

    /Emma (@solveigsdotter)

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