Dutch Interior Styling Trends…VT Wonen Barn
by Cleo Scheulderman and Paulina Arcklin

Having shared various aspects of the Woonbeurs Interior Design Fair which I attended in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, the last installment is courtesy of vt wonen, one of the Netherlands most successful interiors magazines. Considering how excited I get exploring those two room apartmenta in Ikea, I actually did a happy dance to discover the purpose built barn, constructed from scratch in a matter of hours by the magazines stylists. Led by Cleo Scheulderman, the barn concept was inspired by the design aesthetic of the shaker community, with an emphasis on simplicity and country living.

woonbeurs-vt wonen-barn-interiors

The whole space was sectioned into different living areas and even went as far as having it’s own working barber shop (which I was particularly intrigued by because of a recent barber shop related shoot, more on that soon!) There were so many gorgeous spaces throughout the design fair but the vt wonen barn won my vote hands down. Imagine being given the job to deck out the whole space in such a short space of time with gorgeous interior finds. A crazy challenge, but one I’d love to get my hands on at some point! Thanks to Paulina Arcklin for allowing me to share her lovely images of the space.

woonbeurs-vt wonen-barn-interiors


woonbeurs-vt wonen-barn-interiors


Credits: Photography: Paulina Arcklin | Styling: Cleo Scheulderman for vt wonen

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