Dream Dress Delights…
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture


We all have our guilty pleasures, that sneaky treat that helps to brighten the day a little bit. Food related indulgences aside, Pinterest is my go to pick me up these days. A good friend of mine recently joined the pinning inspiration fest and was a bit appalled to discover the amount of pins I have on my boards. Maybe she’s right, but to be honest having that much inspiration at my finger tips is just too hard to resist! With one click of the button I can transport myself to a magical world of interior, food, wedding and styling heaven, and for a girl obsessed with all of the above, how could I stay away?! (Though be warned, clicking into the everthing feed is a whole different ball game!) So in the interest of justifying my pinning marathons I thought it was time to share the fruits of my labour. First up, what every bride has pondered about, that elusive dream dress.


I don’t know about you but my search for the dream dress was more than a bit stressful (I’ll share more about that story another day) so I’ll be sharing a standout beauty with you each week. Today’s blue ribbon goes to the Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture. A dress for the romantic in all of us, yards and yards of tulle were captured to perfection by Elizabeth Messina so much so that all these images just take my breath away. Hows the dress search going for you? It’s important to remember that the dress isn’t the be all and end all of the day (marrying your other half is what it’s all about afterall) but it would be fair to say most girls want a dress that makes them feel at their most beautiful so searching for what you have in mind can be harder than you expected. If this dress rocks your world you can see more of the Carlee Gown over at Burnett’s Boards or for lots of dress eye candy check out my dream dress board here.


Photography: Elizabeth Messina via Burnetts Boards | Wedding Dress: The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture | Styling: Ginny Branch | Floral Design: Amy Osaba | Hair & Makeup: Erin Skipley | Headpieces: Twigs & Honey

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2 Responses to Dream Dress Delights…
The Carlee Gown by Chaviano Couture

  1. I have dreams about this beautiful dress! I’d love to see your own dress Ciara xoxo

    • Ciara

      It’s a stunner isn’t it Nessa! Hows your dress hunt going? I’m tempted to do it all over again whenever I come across a gorgeous gown! My wedding dress was a bit of a mad last minute dash..it was made three days before the wedding as the lace I originally ordered went missing, madness!

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