Amsterdam Finds, Cottoncake…
A concept store

Staying in the lovely De Pijp area in Amsterdam last week, I got to see a side to the city away from the typical tourist track. Similar to the latin quarter in Paris (without the throngs of tourists!) it’s an achingly hip residential neighbourhood where the Dutch knack for impeccable design can be seen in a huge variety of shops, bars and restaurants. I stumbled on the beautifully styled Cottoncake by chance with Holly Marder of Avenue and later discovered it was one of the recommend stops on the Meet the Blogger Shopping Guide.


A mix between a cafe and a shop, the Cottoncake philosophy is simple. Take a beautiful space, fill it with favourite finds for sale from around the world, and provide the best fresh and local produce in a diverse and tempting menu. Sounds pretty ideal to me! We arrived just before closing time so only got to enjoy a quick browse. However one of the styling details which immediately caught my eye was the hanging garden of bonsai trees, cacti and succulents which were suspended from the ceiling. I’d love to create something similar in my home one day, and for those of you based in Amsterdam the plants are available to buy in store!




The texture of the white washed brick wall was the perfect backdrop for a variety of art work for sale, and we were lucky enough to time our visit to catch ceramicist Mara Skujeniece exhibiting her Color Harvest collection, inspired by her grandfathers work picking cabbages in the fields of Latvia. Other lines available include Storm & Marie, One Teaspoon,Black Lily, Mink Pink and Mimi et Toi.



Image Credits: Cotton Cake and Ciara O’Halloran

I was more than tempted to settle into the space for the evening and maybe try to figure out a way to get those gorgeous copper burnished chairs home to Ireland with me. If I get back to Amsterdam at some point I will definitely be popping back to Cottoncake to try out the menu and make the most of the concept store experience! You’ll think I do nothing but travel at the moment and it seems a bit like that every now and then, especially as I’ll be in London this weekend for work. I won’t have too much time off unfortunately but if you happen to know any must see shops or restaurants, I’m all ears! Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.

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6 Responses to Amsterdam Finds, Cottoncake…
A concept store

  1. This was definitely a highlight and I am rather regretting not taking home that moth print :( Might need to do another little trip, followed by some sushi next door!

    • Ciara

      It was such a great little unexpected find. In fact the whole weekend was! ;) Sounds like you’ll just have to plan a trip back there sooner rather than later…I think that Moth print belongs in your new home!

  2. Eadaoin

    What a gorgeous space :) I love the hanging garden idea too, looks like it’d be nice for smaller apartments like mine. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but by all accounts it’s a beautiful city so I must try to get there someday, and put this little space on the list of places to visit!

    • Ciara

      It was such a lovely little shop Eadaoin, and a great idea for smaller spaces. I hadn’t been in Amsterdam since I was a child and I absolutely loved it. I’ll definitely try to get back there again soon, hope you make it there at some stage too!

  3. Wow! What an amazing find! It’s gorgeous!

    • Ciara

      Thanks Tina, it was purely by chance that Holly and I stumbled across it. I love when wandering aimlessly pays off! ;) Hope you’re keeping well x

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