Summer Edition…Feast A Dinner Journal
by Donal Skehan

Prop styling for food shoots has been one of my dreams in taking this styling adventure forward, so you can imagine my delight when I got the chance to attend the final feast for Donal Skehan’s latest FEAST installment, the Summer and Autumn journal edition. You might remember how much I raved about the FEAST magazine in this post, which was created by Donal to showcase the work of artisan producers across Ireland culminating in a final sumptuous meal of seasonal courses and local delights.


Donal’s career and creativity has been going from strength to strength in the last few years from his wonderfully successful tv series, and always engaging cookbooks to his appearances on junior master chef UK and food tube with Jamie Oliver. Not only is he a wonderful chef (and all round lovely guy), he also captured all of the beautiful images throughout the FEAST magazine. That’s talent right there folks! The idea for FEAST came to him through his experience with Pinterest. As a fellow pinterest addict (you can see the fruits of my addiction here) I can completely agree what a source of inspiration it can be, so it was so lovely to get to see the idea come to life and enjoy it first hand.


On a bright and breezy evening back in July I arrived to Howth Castle to see the creative adventure in full swing. It was quite the team production with Sharon Hearne Smith , Ross Golden Bannon, Sofie Larsson and Cathy Pearson all sharing their talents and expertise on the day. I had the pleasure of playing model for the evening, chatting to a wonderful group of guests, wandering through the fields of Howth (with a few fences to climb along the way!) and simply enjoying the incredibly aptly named Feast at the end. It was quite the interesting experience to be on the other side of a shoot but certainly one that I enjoyed immensely.


Just some of the delights we enjoyed that night included fresh crusty bread from The Pepper Pot Cafe, pan fried trout from Goatsbridge Trout Farm, griddled stone fruit cake from the Wild Flour Bakery all topped off with hand crafted linens designed by Jennifer Slattery. I’ll let you discover the rest of the treats in FEAST for yourself and trust me it is well worth a look. I downloaded the latest issue to my IPad through the new custom FEAST app and the quality of the images is just stunning. I’m pretty tempted to order a copy in print too as nothing quite beats the feel of paper under your fingers. If you fancy a print copy you can order one here. One thing is for sure, I’ll be first in line for next edition, looking forward to it already! Happy Friday everyone, have a good one!


Image Credits: Donal Skehan via FEAST

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