Shades of San Francisco…
Colour Palette Snapshot

It’s probably about time that I shared some of our Californian adventure with you. There were so many inspiring spots along Highway 1, and what really fascinated me was how quickly the landscape and colours changed in such a short distance from one place to the next. Up first today, one of the highlights, foggy San Francisco! While I had envisioned cornflower blue skies and streaming sunshine for our bike the bridge experience (which is well worth it by the way!) Karl the Fog decided to accompany us on our trip across the Golden Gate and I’m really glad it turned out that way.


I captured the shot above having cycled across that beauty and I couldn’t help but think how the sea greens, misty grey and pop of cherry would make a stunning starting point for  a wedding palette. Hazy fog, cosy textures, vintage lace and flowing locks are a match made in heaven for a sumptuous and romantic winter wedding, and the shades of garnet and cherry bring just the right amount of warmth to the palette.




While San Francisco inspired this particular palette, I think it would look equally at home here in Ireland where we do misty grey and green quite well as I recall. Maybe heading towards Autumn and Winter isn’t such a bad thing if we get to indulge in hearty soup and plan celebrations with such a cosy feel.




I hope to share more snapshots of California with you over the coming weeks with the colour palette they have inpsired. For those of you fighting the end of Summer you’ll be happy to hear most of my other shots are much more sunny! Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned!

Image Credits: Golden Gate: Ciara O’Halloran | Bouquet, Ribbons & Bride: Lani Elias via Once Wed | Lace Dress: via This insignificant life  | Girl in Garden: via High on Flowers | Soup: The Kitchy Kitchen | Grey Gown: Proenza Scholer via Once Wed | Garden: via Ana Rosa | Cherries: Adventures in Cooking |

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