Keeping things simple…
A Beach Wedding by Brooke Holm

A wedding…ideally the party of a lifetime with all your favourite people, celebrating in a manner that feels innately and unequivocally you. Getting to that end goal can often be easier said than done though, especially as it’s so easy to fall into the trap of trying to please everyone but yourselves. It’s always a treat therefore to come across a celebration which clearly reflected the style, taste and values of the couple from start to finish. Brooke Holm was on hand to capture all the gorgeous details of this day, and she will agree it was one of the best weddings she was ever at! I am a huge fan of Brooke’s work, first coming across her lifestyle photography, and her eye for weddings is no less stunning!






Kirsty (who writes the gorgeous blog Otis and and Otto) and Simon exchanged vows under a tepee of paper flowers, overlooking the coast of South East Australia, while their daughter and family and friends took in the fresh sea air. They were inspired by the idea of a fiesta, styling the day impeccably with the focus on fun. I love the installation that they created on the morning of the wedding thanks to the design expertise of Marsha Golemac. Such a simple but effective idea and a great way of creating a beautiful focal point and backdrop for an outdoor ceremony.













Everyone knows the beach and tacos are a match made in heaven (I may have indulged my taco cravings on more than one occasion in California this summer!) so one taco van and mouth watering menu later, they continued the day between their gorgeous home and make shift marquee, decked out with string lights, more beautiful paper flowers and hay bales. Just goes to show the simplest ideas are the best, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to have an epic celebration.









So if you’re in the midst of planning your wedding at the moment and don’t know how you’re going to navigate your way through the melee of thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Take a deep breath, step back and remember its about you and your other half sharing your love and commitment with the world. Everything else is just trimming. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just make it about you, who and what you love and everything else will follow! Huge thanks to Brooke Holme for sharing such a sweet, simple and beautiful celebration. You can see more of her gorgeous wedding work here, or check out her amazing lifestyle photography portfolio, it’s well worth a look!

Image Credits: Brooke Holm | Paper Flowers & Design : Marsha Golemac | Styling: Kirsty of Otis and Otto

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3 Responses to Keeping things simple…
A Beach Wedding by Brooke Holm

  1. Oh wow, how lovely is this?! Sweet, romantic and simple. Love the floral wreaths :)

  2. What a romantic beach wedding! Kirsty and Simon are looking great together. I really like their gorgeous wedding stationary that seems perfect for their beach style wedding, especially the floral decor and menu card. Amazing! Thanks for sharing these lovely wedding features.

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