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With three very different shoots coming up over the next two months and an exciting shoot abroad to prepare for after Christmas, it’s been a time of planning and inspiration immersion recently. This weeks Inspiration Rx series which I took part in here thanks to Besotted, encouraged us to explore the concept and influence of colour in our lives. I’ve always subconsciously used colour as a means of expressing myself and in particular as a tool for changing my mood, be it through the clothes I wear, or the wallpaper on my bedroom wall.

M.A Wakely

It’s only recently, when I started sharing my process for styling shoots have I realised how colour is always the fundamental starting point and foundation for me when it comes to inspiration for an editorial. It may start with a firmly fixed colour story before I begin, or as the mood of the shoot becomes more clear, a certain image may grab my attention, having just the right qualities to build a whole dream around. Those are my favourite moments of styling, when an idea floating by in the ether, takes hold and starts to become solid and real. There’s nothing that excites me more than taking this fragment of an idea and creating a whole story and set of beautiful images around it. I’m sure it’s the feeling anyone gets when they create something they’re proud of, and the reason that so many people feel the need to make something out of nothing. The magic of it is a bit intoxicating and summed up so well in a quote from one of my favourite novels, The Time Traveler’s Wife (I won’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book!)

“The compelling thing about making art – or making anything, I suppose – is the moment when the vaporous, insubstantial idea becomes a solid there, a thing, a substance in a world of substances.” Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife




So long story short, colour has always had a bit of magical hold on me, and helps me to relate to the world in some shape or form. With the change of seasons I’m particularly looking forward to the copper and fawn shades of autumn reappearing. Combine that with the inky blue of skies on a clear night, or the tones of the depths of the waves at the beach in Winter and my colour radar is pretty much in heaven. Here are a few images in those shades which have stopped me in my tracks over the last few weeks. What about you? Are there certain colours that instantly lift you or that you find you keep returning to? Or is colour something that you can take or leave?

Image Credits: Mary Anne Wakeley | via Simple Everyday Glamour | Elie Saab | via Seven Swans

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  1. Hi Ciara, I found your blog through Holly from Avenue Lifestyle.
    The first post here I read resonate with me because color is very important in my work as an artist. For my paintings, color is the fundamental starting point, too. I am a Expressionist, and it is through color that I express how I feel, how I see the world.
    I am also a visual storyteller, and I find what you described above so similar to how I approach my paintings. Your “set of beautiful images” is what I called symbols in my paintings. I take a feeling or a “thing” that I want to express, and find symbols to build around it.
    Anyway, this comment is becoming quite long. I’m glad to have found you, Ciara.

    • Ciara

      Hi Lucy, thanks so much for sharing your approach to creating your paintings and for your kind words, delighted to have discovered your paintings! It’s fascinating the way colour can alter the story or experience of art isn’t it. Lovely to hear what an impact it has on your life too and that we share a similar approach when creating something. Really looking forward to following your work, Ciara

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