Creative Inspiration Series…
Botanical Artist Claire Basler

It’s back to school time folks, and for me that means back to my Cork/Dublin commute next week. I’m looking forward to seeing all my violin students after the summer but not feeling so enamoured about splitting my time between two places again, it was so nice to be based full time in Dublin for the Summer, but c’est la vie! I get the best of both worlds in a way, getting a taste of each place every week, but I know I will have to make a conscious effort to be very organised again to make the new routine work for me. In an attempt to keep myself inspired as the winter months start rolling in, I thought I would start a new series here, sharing some of the creatives I really admire and who have influenced me in one way or another to keep working towards my goals.


First up in this new series is the utterly talented French floral artist, Claire Basler. I fell in love with her romantic and brooding floral paintings the minute I discovered them, but what I love particularly about Claire, is how her paintings reflect her way of life and vice versa. I’m reading The Architecture of Happiness at the moment (thanks to a recommendation from Joy Thigpen) and it has given me so much to think about how our environment and surroundings can be a reminder and guide to our full potential.


Claire Basler is a wonderful example of someone who has allowed her passion influence everything around her. She has made her home in a converted iron works just outside Paris where inside and outside merge. Floor to ceiling windows allow light to stream in, illuminating full length canvases and rooms overflowing with fresh flowers.


She shared some of the insight into how nature and art have become intertwined with her whole way of life.

“I paint. With my heart, with my guts, my grief, my joy, I paint because it’s my passion. Because I don’t know how to do anything else. That’s all.”

“The observation of nature brings me the ability to listen and to be open. I am but a link for the transmission of its vitality, its force, its violence, its sensuality. Its wealth is an inexhaustible source; its tenacity is a teaching;its beauty is an emotion that finds itself every day renewed.”


It’s hard not to be inspired by someone who lives their passion with such openness. I must admit I often find balance hard in the winter months when the dark evenings and grey weather rolls in. Being a teacher I have always thought of September as more of a new year than January personally, so I’m looking at this September as a fresh start to focus more on the things that are most important to me (my family, friends, health, passions) and less time stressing about the not so important stuff. Here’s to a great year ahead!

Image and text credits: via Elle Decoration and Claire Basler

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Botanical Artist Claire Basler

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