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Happy Monday everyone, how was your weekend? To get this week rolling I wanted to share another installment in my Creative Inspiration Series! By featuring a selection of inspiring people and their spaces, I hope to give myself the metaphorical push to stay on top of all my goals for the next few months. Having started with the delectable work of floral artist Claire Basler and her magical French home, today’s inspiring duo will be no strangers to anyone familiar with the wedding styling and event planning industry. Paige Appel and Kelly Harris are the power house behind the incredible wedding design studio, Bash Please, and their stunning workspace is a perfect showcase for their eye for style and design.






Originally starting as two separate entities, Bash and Yes Please, Kelly and Paige realised their respective talents would be better realised if they combined forces as a team. The rest as they say is history and three years on, Bash Please has become a buzz word for all things gorgeous and cutting edge in wedding design. Based in L.A, they pride themselves on their all encompassing service where no dream is too big and every event is unique. They helped to transform the way couples view weddings through their alternative wedding showcase, The Cream, and most recently through the publication of their book, The New Fashioned Wedding. I have yet to get my hands on this gem but judging by the reactions from those that have, it is choc full with inspiring real weddings, unexpected twists and fresh takes on wedding design.





Making such a successful career out of designing inspiring and epic party spaces, it’s no surprise that their work area and design studio is so thoughtfully curated. Combining family heirlooms with reclaimed and handmade pieces, decorating their office and ‘workstead’ was a family affair with husbands and friends drafted in to build wooden shelves and paint walls. With an ever growing prop collection, I’m always eager to see how others have managed to tame their wares. At the moment my version of storage involves many boxes under the bed in the spare room (which I’ll admit are spilling out all over the place a bit too often lately!) so the immaculately styled open shelves with chevron accents is the stuff of my dreams.





The concrete floors, exposed white walls and raw materials like wood and iron are softened with shades of grey and light pink brought in through art, photos and plenty of inspiration boards arranged at eye level. I’ve no doubt working in such a light, airy and fresh space each day can’t but be inspiring. If you’d like to see more you can find it in the this edition of Rue. At the moment my work space various from couch to desk depending on whether I’m based in Cork or Dublin on any given day. I’d love to have a permanent designated home for work one of these years, and when I finally get one I’ll definitely be referring back to this space for ideas. What’s on your dream workspace list? And for those of you working from home, do you prefer to have a space separate from the rest of your home or do you prefer to work wherever feels comfortable?

Image Credits: Bash Please via Rue

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