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Herringbone Parquet Floors

I’ve lived in a few different houses throughout my life, but the one place I always consider home, is the house that my grandparents bought in the 1960′s, where my mum lives today. I always had the sense growing up that it felt different to typical grandparents homes and it was only as an adult that I realised how cutting edge it was for the time, designed in Canada in midcentury modern style. This period in interiors is still one of my favourites, so living there certainly had an influence on my own personal style and taste. One of my favourite details in the house (which was recently uncovered after years of hiding under a carpet!) is the herringbone parquet flooring in the hallway and is something I would love to be able to have in my own home someday.


Parquet floors are created from blocks of wood cut into geometrical patterns, one of the most popular (and my favourite) being the herringbone pattern. It was first invented in France in the 17th century when they were introduced to Versaille to replace the less practical marble flooring that needed more maintenance. Over time wealthy french families would showcase complex patterns as art in their homes.



Parquet is most common in hallways and living areas but judging by the gorgeous images below it would equally work well in a kitchen. To keep them looking their best the area should be gently swept rather than hoovered, and for older parquet floors, a wax treatment should be applied once a year. They’re certainly not the most low maintenance flooring, but they have to be one of the most beautiful!





There’s something so lovely about taking something practical like a floor, that people walk on everyday and probably don’t think about too much and making it into a little bit of art. I suppose that’s design at its best, practical and beautiful! I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to own a bit of herringbone parquet of my own, but seeing as I’m dreaming I’d probably throw in floor to ceiling windows and those crisp white walls that seem to suit it so well. Are any of you lucky enough to have parquet floors in your home? How have you decorated the space?

Image credits: Line Klein via Dustjacket Attic | via Room for Tuesday | via Planete Deco | Danielle Witte via Design Shimmer | Andrew Cammarano via Design Sponge | via This is Glamorous | via cococozy | via blood and champagne

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Herringbone Parquet Floors

  1. I couldn’t agree with you about the wooden floors. Our apartment in Paris, where we lived until a month ago, has a wonderful herringbone parquet floor. I’ve always loved wooden floors and had the chance to have them in all the apartments we lived in. But there is something different in the HPF that makes it so elegant and chic you hardly need anything else to have a gorgeous interior. Thank you for this post. It makes me realize how happy (and lucky) I was with my ancient Herrington wooden floor (now I have to deal with terracotta ancient tiles which are far from being my favourite floor ever ;-) Have a lovely evening

    • Ciara

      Thanks Ilaria, so glad the post inspired you a little bit! Lucky you to have enjoyed some herringbone parquet in your apartment in Paris, it sounds pretty magical! Though ancient terracotta doesn’t sound so bad when you compare it to something like peeling lino! ;) Are you still in Paris or have you moved further afield? Hope it’s all going well, Ciara :)

      • Thank you Ciara. We left Paris a couple of months ago (it stills hurts!) and moved to Southern France in beautiful Provence, which isn’t that bad either ;-) Moving is never easy and we starts to feel at home little by little. Thank you for your message for the quote! Stay in touch and have a lovely day x

        • Ciara

          Provence sounds like a wonderful place to be living, though I know no matter where you are getting used to a big change and new places can take quite a bit of time. Hope it feels like an adventure and you start to feel at home there more and more.I will definitely keep in touch Ilaria and look forward to some glimpses of Provence on your lovely blog! :)

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