California Dreaming…Santa Barbara Mission
by Laura Murray Photography

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent getting lost in photos of California over the last few years. Fine Art photography is still my favourite kind and seeing as so many out of this world weddings seem to be shot in California it was always high on my to see list. We figured it was the perfect spot for our two years later honeymoon and as you read this we should be sunning ourselves in L.A having spent a few days in beautiful Santa Barbara! (It’s a tough life I know!) Laura Murray knows all about out of this world weddings (remember this gorgeous shoot that she captured) and she is now taking bookings for destination weddings in Europe. If her beautiful shots of Santa Barbara Mission are anything to go by, you’ll be in good hands! You can see more of her work here!








Image Credits: Laura Murray Photography

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2 Responses to California Dreaming…Santa Barbara Mission
by Laura Murray Photography

  1. Gorgeous! Love the missions in California! So happy you got to visit Ciara! Next stop for you will be Colorado for sure! If we didn’t get to meet in Ireland, then we surely will have to meet here :)
    And let me say that Laura is an absolutely talented lady who will create the most amazing photographs for you! Can’t wait to see her destination shoots! And she is an amazing woman as well. I’m a big fan of her photography and happy to call her a friend here in Colorado.

    • Ciara

      Thanks Lisa, it was an amazing trip, so many stunning places in California, I can’t wait to go back some day! My sister has just moved to Texas for two years so you never know I might make it to Colorado at some point, hope the new adventure is going really well for you and great to hear you are among so many talented photographers. Laura is travelling to Ireland in November to work with me which I am really excited about, can’t wait to meet her in person and get to enjoy her gorgeous work! Hope you have lots of exciting weddings and projects to look forward to in Colorado too! :)

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