Interior Styling Wishlist…The Ethnic Rug

I don’t know who else is addicted to pinterest out there but do you ever start to notice a pattern in what you pin? It’s a great way of identifying the things you are drawn to and what speaks to you in terms of your personal style. One of the looks which I keep returning to again and again is crisp white spaces warmed up with wood and exotic looking rugs. Rugs seem to be everywhere in the design world today but it’s not always easy to know where to source them here (not to mind find ones that are in some way affordable!). So before I launch into the results of my rug treasure hunt here’s the look I have in mind. It’s amazing the way a few well placed textiles and details like rugs and cushions can transform a place adding warmth and texture.


I’ve seen quite a few of these rugs under dining tables which is an idea that appeals to me in theory. Particularly as there is a giant white dining table in the middle of the room in our current apartment and I think an even bigger rug would help to anchor it in the space. What intrigues me though is how practical it really is. Given the price tag attached to some of these rugs, are people really happy eating their meals over it or am I the only one likely to end up with crumbs and who knows what else all over the floor? Either way I would love to get my hands on something like the ones below at some point! My research hasn’t extended to actually buying one yet, it seems like a pretty major piece so I want to make sure we find the perfect one, but if you’d like to source one here are a few suggestions. Online places to start looking include Etsy, Ebay, Maroc Tribal and Anthropologie, or if you prefer seeing them in person (and don’t mind the price tags) Myles Quirk and Rug Art in Dublin both have a wide selection of rugs and carpets. I’m thinking I might just add a trip to Morocco to the wish list at some stage…next step figure out how to get around airline luggage allowances! Has anyone ever brought something huge like this home on a plane, how did it work you for you?




rug-dining-table-living-space-interior-styling living-rug-pink-grey-interior-styling

 Image Credits: Louise Desroisiers via French by Design | via Elle Decor UK | via Lonny | Canal Side Studio | Felix Forest via The Design Files | via Aesthetica | Vogue Australia via Joy Thigpen |Roger Davies via Architectural Digest

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4 Responses to Interior Styling Wishlist…The Ethnic Rug

  1. I LOVE ethnic rugs! Our home is full of them… we have only bought 2 and we bought them on special occasions so they are super sentimental to us. And the others we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. They last FOREVER– some of the rugs we inherited are 100+ years old and they still look amazing. They just get better with time, if you ask me! :)

    • Ciara

      So glad to hear you have them in your home Laura and love them! It’s definitely encouraged me that they are worth the investment, will let you know if I get lucky on the hunt for them! :)

  2. Oh, I am so with you here, Ciara! I divulged my addiction to these ethnic beauties recently on the blog too and ever since have seen them everywhere. Except for in my house. Must do something about that pronto!

    • Ciara

      They’re gorgeous aren’t they Holly! Seem to be pretty tricky to find in ireland though so myself and a few fellow Irish bloggers have been trying to come up with an excuse to go on a shopping trip somewhere exotic to find a few of our own! ;)

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