Interior Styling Wish List…
The {Bentwood No. 14} Cafe Chair

As part of expanding my styling horizons to include the world of interior styling, I wanted to share some of the dream items on my wish list for my future forever home. It would have been hard to imagine a time a few years ago in Ireland when people would be getting married without buying a home first, but bubbles burst and things change. I know I can consider myself one of the lucky ones not to be tied to a crippling mortgage, but I would love to be able to have the freedom to decorate our rented home (which we’ve decided to stay in for another year, so no big move, relief!) in exactly the way we want. I’d love to hear from anyone else in the same position how you manage to be creative and get around the restrictions, or if you’re lucky enough to own your own home now, what design details are right up your street?


One of the things that I can’t wait to be able to buy for a forever home is a beautiful set of dining chairs. An unconventional wish list item perhaps but there you go! I change my mind weekly as to what ‘the’ chair will be when we finally have to choose, or whether we’ll go for a mishmash of different ones, but today I thought I would share a design classic, the bentwood or no. 14 developed and mass produced by Thonet in the late 19th century. These babies would look as good at a wedding as they would in a home, but aren’t always easy to get your hands on. I discovered this when trying to source them for last summers wedding editorial at Castle Leslie and eventually got them thanks to a local Cork restaurant. Buying them second hand is your most likely route but check out how amazing they look in different spaces. From classic dark wood to dip dyed or coloured, which one is your favourite?





Image Credits: 1: Live Creating Yourself | 2:  Helen Cathcart via Birch and Bird | 3: Emma Persson Lagerberg & Petra Bindel via Gardenista |  4: Skona Stillrockar via Elle Interior Sweden | 5: via Home Adore |  6: Beth Kirby Local Milk | 7: The Design Files |

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2 Responses to Interior Styling Wish List…
The {Bentwood No. 14} Cafe Chair

  1. Loving this new feature Ciara! love bentwood chairs too – the classic dark wood is so beautiful.

    • Ciara

      Glad you enjoyed it Marie, thanks! I’m really enjoying diversifying the scope of the styling posts so hopefully there’ll be lots more lovely things to share!

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