From Inspiration to Reality…
Claret, Cream and Moody Violet Board

I often get asked about what process I use when bringing an editorial from a spark of an idea to a fully fledged production. For me it usually starts with a feeling of the overall mood I want to convey. Next I select the colours that will help to tell that story while still enhancing the setting. I can’t recommend the value of an inspiration board enough to help to convey a sense of a mood and concept to a group of creatives working together. The board you see below was the starting point for our whimsical claret shoot at Killruddery House which was featured on Once Wed a couple of weeks back. It always gives me such pleasure to look back at a board and see how it has evolved into it’s own version of reality. The end result may not be visibly comparable to the original board, but I can always get a sense of the original emotion and story that wanted to be brought to life! You can see the results of this board here!


Image Credits: Flower Headpiece: Pinterest Bride: Erich McVey via Emily Riggs  Round tower: SuperBass Flowers: Sarah Winward

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Claret, Cream and Moody Violet Board

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