A Rustic Feast by Britt Chudleigh…
And a few changes for Style Serendipity

It’s hard to believe that Style Serendipity has only existed for 20 months, its such a part of my life now it’s almost strange to remember a time when I wasn’t blogging in this little corner of the interweb! Like all good things in life it has evolved and grown as time has gone on. I started with great gusto, fully clear in my mind about what Style Serendipity was (and was not!) going to be, but of late I have felt a bit like an awkward teenager, sensing a new identity on the horizon but not quite sure how to get there. One of the fundamental rules of blogging is to always have a clear and consistent message, so I apologise if I have been quiet recently and haven’t always delivered what you have expected when it comes to a wedding blog.

I started this because I loved styling my own wedding but what has only become clear to me as my styling career has evolved (even though it was probably glaringly obvious to everyone else!) is that it wasn’t the wedding that was the key factor but in fact the styling! So, long story short, I feel it’s high time Style Serendipity reflected the spark I get when I see something I’m inspired by and usually that passion includes weddings but also interior and food styling (take one look at my pinterest feed and there will be no surprises!) So…going forward Style Serendipity will be a styling blog rather than exclusively a wedding blog. I will be sharing things that inspire me about styling in all those facets of life and I will also be expanding my styling portfolio and sharing my work in the world of food styling and interior styling. (Lots of projects to share soon!) I’m excited for the changes and what they will bring and I really hope you will enjoy them too.

To start this fresh new focus I thought I would share a beautiful amalgamation of wedding, food and prop styling in the form of a celebratory dinner captured by destination wedding photographer Britt Chudleigh.













“We really wanted to tell a story with this shoot rather than only presenting a finished product. So much of the beauty in gatherings is in the heart and soul that goes into the preparations. How fulfilling it is to sit down to a lovely table and present a dish to those you love when traces of the morning you had in the garden, the fragrance and crackle of garlic cloves when pulled them from the head, the peace that comes from selecting and preparing flowers and all the other pleasantries of the day are served right along with the food.”

Image credits: Photography: Britt Chudleigh | Flowers: Honey of a Thousand Flowers

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8 Responses to A Rustic Feast by Britt Chudleigh…
And a few changes for Style Serendipity

  1. Yay!!!! I love interior design, so can’t wait to see some post from that area;) I’m sure they’ll be super awesome and pretty as everything you post;) Also really happy that you decided to follow your inner voice!!! All the best with this new direction!

    • Ciara

      Thanks so much Sona! I’m really excited about it and think it will really help me to clarify what I want Style Serendipity to be all about! Hope all’s great with you, feels ages since we had a catch up. Must try meet you somewhere soon! :)

  2. Lovely post Ciara…obviously you have a great eye for detail and you’ll be just as brilliant working with styling and interiors! Best wishes with your new endeavours!! Aoifex

    • Ciara

      Thanks a million Aoife, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into lots of new projects! Hope alls great with you and your new little man, will look forward to seeing you in August! x

  3. Congrats on the expanding the scope! Very excited to see what’s coming up.

  4. Ciara I’m really excited about this change for you & the blog! Am already enjoying your styling and design posts and look forward to much more :)

    • Ciara

      Hi Eadaoin, thanks so much! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the changes, always a little scary to go in a slightly different direction but I’m hoping it will be a good one :)

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