Wild and Lush Wedding Bouquets in Ireland….
Your Thoughts?

Happy Monday lovely ladies (and gents!), hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’m in the throes of planning an exciting upcoming editorial with Anne-Marie Bouchard and get to spend the morning picking out stunning dresses to showcase (it’s a tough life I know!). While organising this particular editorial, I’ve been pondering wedding flower styles a lot and would love to get thoughts and feedback from you brides to be and talented florists out there. Personally I’m a big fan of the style bouquet that is full, loose and romantic with lots of different kinds of flowers and loose asymmetrical shapes. However I’ve seen very few examples of this style at weddings in Ireland and I’m curious why that is? Is it that it’s just not your cup of tea (I was an all peony bouquet girl so totally love the one flower structured look too) or is it that these style flowers are very tricky to source here and possibly more expensive? Florists I’d love to hear from you from this point of view! Enjoy the examples below and feel free to comment here or on facebook and twitter!







Image Credits: Jen Huang and Saipua | Kate Murphy and Love n Fresh Flowers | Maggie Harkov and Saipua | Jose Villa and Kelly Kaufman| Amy Osaba | Odalys Mendez and Joy Thigpen | Kate Murphy and Saipua | Eric Kelley and Joy Thigpen | Jose Villa and Flowerwild |

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6 Responses to Wild and Lush Wedding Bouquets in Ireland….
Your Thoughts?

  1. I’m the exact same as you Ciara, I can’t get enough of the wild, stray floral look and really interested to hear feedback from florists on this. I wonder is it because brides aren’t too familiar and therefor not requesting them? I would LOVE to see more of them in Irish weddings anyway!

    • Ciara

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one Lindsay! Hopefully if more brides start asking for this kind of style florists will follow suit and start creating them! I gather sourcing the flowers are the main challenge and a lot of growing their own rather than sourcing them in Holland…I’ll have to find someone with a beautiful garden to forage!

      • As a florist I also love this style. They look beautiful and natural, and I think fab with any wedding dress style. However most brides seem to prefer the more structured Hand Tied bouquets, mainly roses, a safe bet. Also as you said the budget often dictates the type of flowers. I have done some loose, just picked from the garden looking, bouquets over the years and it is always a thrill. Floristry is an art and it feels great to be able to change the pallet every once in a while. Lately the jewel, brooch bouquets seem to be gaining popularity, they can have a lovely vintage look and mixed with fresh or silk flowers they look amazing. :)

        • Ciara

          Lovely to hear that florists enjoy doing this style also Anne! Every bride is different but I think it’s really important for people to have the choice when it comes to floristry style too!

  2. Great post Ciara! And stunning bouquets. I have to agree with Anne, it’s really the brides choice and most Irish Brides like to play it a little safe and tend to steer away from foliage and the unstructured look. I do feel they are becoming more popular as they sit really well in the vintage, DIY style weddings that are right on trend at the minute. I have designed around 4 already this year and have another couple to do before 2014 greets us. Also the cost is a big factor as I feel that florists are less likely to suggest this style as the cost can run into the €100′s for the larger more mixed bouquets and brides then think it’s the florist that is too expensive and not the bouquet iykwim. Keep up the fab post. With love, Sharon x

    • Ciara

      Thanks for the insight Sharon! Great to hear more brides are aware of this style now but I agree I’m sure budget as always is a huge defining factor, if only we all had unlimitless funds, wouldn’t that be nice! :)

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