Eskimo Kisses….A Snowy Engagement Session
By Bryce Covey

With all this unseasonally chilly weather gracing our shores at the moment, it’s easy to get frustrated with the cold and lament the further delay of spring. But walking through Dublin as the snow fell last night, I couldn’t help being taken in by it’s magical quality and the air of calm and hush that brought to the city. If you’re hoping to have your engagement shoot soon why not make the most of the magic, like in this beautiful session captured by Bryce Covey. Olivia and Michael hadn’t planned on a snow filled day, but as the flurry came in over Seattle they embraced the fun with stunning results. You can see more of Bryce’s gorgeous work over at his blog, and he’s readily available for worldwide travel so don’t hesitate to get in touch!









Image Credits: Bryce Covey

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4 Responses to Eskimo Kisses….A Snowy Engagement Session
By Bryce Covey

  1. This is soooo beautiful!!! I soooo want to shoot something with the snow. Engagement session, wedding or a styled shoot. It’s just the snow had been avoiding me all the time his year:(

  2. I am completely in love with this shoot, it’s stunning!

    • Ciara

      Thanks Nathalie! I just can’t get enough of Bryce’s work! Lovely to meet you last night, looking forward to doing it again at some stage! x

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