Taking it back to the start…
A love story by Show and Tell Films

Great videography is something I can’t recommend enough and it’s always a treat to share the work of a talented videographer based in Ireland. Reuben and Estelle of Show and Tell Films work out of Belfast and create the most gorgeous memento of your wedding day. Here’s something a little different though! Cris and Livia decided to reenact the highlights of their relationship from the moment they met up until their engagement. Reuben shares more below, but wouldn’t it be such a unique and thoughtful anniversary present for your other half? Be sure to check out more of their fab work here!

“The first time I met Livia was in a Pret a Manger in Leicester Square London where she pitched her idea of reenacting their story from the time they met until their engagement. Both Chris and Livia are from Brazil and met in London where they live and work.

So we travelled to London one beautiful autumn weekend and undertook the filming of the extremely ambitious storyboard Livia had carefully come up with. There were many locations, outfit changes and fun times which made it a very enjoyable and exciting project to work on! We love creative couples who bring lots of their own original ideas to the table. It makes their film even more personal and special.”

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