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Three Favourite Things

With all the excitement of my styling adventures of late, my musical endeavors haven’t got much of a look in! For those of you new to this little corner of the interweb, music is a huge part of my daily life, both as a performer and teacher! (What can I say, I like variety!) So I thought I’d finish off the week with some of my favourite wedding related musical discoveries!


First up, I think I might have a new contender for the most epic wedding invitation ever! For those of us old enough to remember record players (and it gets less by the day!) the genius of this invitation will be particularly obvious! When music afficiando’s Karen and Mike decided they needed the perfect music related invitation to set the tone for their big day, they came up with this working record player invitation! See it in action below!

via HiFi Weddings

I had the pleasure of performing at a wedding a few weeks ago where the couples family surprised them with a Love Actually style mash up at the end of the wedding ceremony.  It was so much fun for me to be part of it, so I can only imagine how meaningful it must have been for the couple for their friends and family to put time and effort into creating such a special present. In fact one of my favourite memories from our own wedding was when Rian surprised me with a brass band outside the church so remember the best wedding presents aren’t always things you can wrap up in pretty paper! Case in point, this bride and groom were surprised by an impromptu performance of One Day More from Les Misérables in the middle of dinner, pretty handy having talented friends like that! If you’re a fan of musicals, you’ll wish you were this bride and groom!

And finally…I can never resist the beautiful work of Elizabeth Messina, and who knew a trumpet would prove to be the perfect prop! Have a wonderful weekend everyone…think I might just have to go see Les Mis after watching that amazing video!


via Style me Pretty

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Three Favourite Things

  1. Love that musical invitation! So unusual : )

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