Floral Inspiration Shoot Dublin…
from The Garden and Doreen Kilfeather

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that the plans are starting to feel real for anyone getting married in 2013! For me, flowers are the one element that can have the biggest impact when styling your wedding. They can transform the feeling of any space and really influence the mood and feeling you are trying to bring to an event. I’m a huge fan of the lush, loose and wild style of floristry that has been emerging in the states for the last few years (my floral pinterest board is case in point!). So when I spotted this gorgeous collaboration between Mark Grehan of The Garden in Powerscourt (a beautiful space and well worth a visit!) and the talented Doreen Kilfeather Photography, I knew I had to share it with you. Mixing wild berries and cuttings with colourful blooms, Mark brings a beautifully organic and natural feel to his arrangements with just enough simplicity to avoid it feeling over done. He does absolutely stunning work for weddings, so if you’re on the hunt for a florist for your wedding, I couldn’t recommend him more. Be sure to take a while to explore Doreen Kilfeather’s beautiful blog also. I must admit I lost many hours trawling her images so be warned, and she is also available for weddings! A celebration with Mark’s beautiful creations and Doreen’s photography, now that’s a wedding I’d like to see!








mark-grehan-the garden-style serendipity














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11 Responses to Floral Inspiration Shoot Dublin…
from The Garden and Doreen Kilfeather

  1. Aren’t they beautiful and lush? Have to agree that flowers can make or break a wedding…aesthetic-wise of course! I’m a big fan of Doreen’s work too. Gorgeous shoot!

  2. Oh so pretty! I’m a lover of berry arrangements too and the wilder, the better. I’ll be day dreaming all week Ciara! :)

  3. What a lovely way to start to the week, very pretty!

  4. Oooo lovely;) I love the space, any idea where were the photos taken?

  5. These are STUNNING. They’re bringing on a serious Pinning session! Love the tones and colours. The Garden is one of my favourite spots – I’ve been known to pop in for a pay day treat in the form of their mini boquet in a jam jar :)

    • Ciara

      Thanks Nathalie, glad you enjoyed! I also just can’t resist picking up something pretty whenever I’m in powerscourt! Mark’s work is stunning!

  6. Thanks Ciara for featuring my work and Doreen too and the lovely comments

  7. Truly remarkable photos, my Pinterest is now full of your photos and rightly so! :)

  8. Therese

    Wow, just stunning. I love seeing Marks’s work at weddings, it’s always that bit different and gorgeous.

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