DIY Tutorial by Amy Merrick…
How to Make a Flower Corsage


Ever since Carrie Bradshaw felt the need to finish every outfit with the flourish of a giant flower, I’ve had a had a soft spot for accessorising with flowers. The gorgeous tutorial below, courtesy of the fabulous Amy Merrick, shows how flowers and fashion will always sit well together. Amy was originally inspired to create the beautiful collar corsage in homage to Victorian ladies who chose fragrant flowers pinned to their wedding dress, over a cumbersome hand held bouquet. I’d say there would be few brides out there willing to break with tradition and forgo a bouquet completely, but wouldn’t this corsage be a beautiful detail for a wedding guest? Take a simple dress and adorn it with a few carefully chosen flowers et voila you have a completely unique outfit to wow whatever the setting! You can read more about those Victorian traditions over here  and enjoy creating your own bit of fashion and flower heaven!


Image credits: Amy Merrick via Etsy

You will need:
•    Clippers
•    Ribbon ½” wide
•    Corsage pins
•    Floral tape
•    Floral stem wire, 22 gauge
•    A few stems of wilt-proof flowers.

Examples are spray roses, ranunculus, freesia, stephanotis, scabiosa, and hellebore. Spray roses, hellebore and spirea branches were used here.



Step 1: Wiring the Flowers
Wiring gives you control of the stems that will be your focal flowers, and the tape helps to trap moisture, keeping flowers fresher longer. It also cuts down on bulk.
•     Cut an 8” piece of 22 gauge floral wire and bend in half, forming a bobby pin shape.
•    Pierce horizontally just below the flower head with one end of the wire.
•    Pull wire through the stem, stopping at the half way bend.
•    Clip off the stem, leaving a ½” piece below the wire.



Step 2: Taping Stems
•    Using floral tape, wrap the place where the wire and stem meet, pulling slightly to activate the adhesive in the tape. You may have to try a few times to get the hang of making the tape sticky!
•    Spiral the tape down the rest of the wire stem, and trim to size.
•    Repeat several times on several flowers. Options in size and color are nice!

Step 3: Making a Bouquet
•    In your hand, make a little bouquet from a variety of flowers. Two roses, a few rose buds, and a handful of multicolored hellebores were used here. A piece of flowering spirea acts as the base and also provides some much-needed dimension.

flowers-table-florist-how to

Step 4: Securing the Stems

•    Wrap your small bouquet in floral tape, making sure to have several wired stems at the base. Clip off ½” below tape.


Step 5: Wrapping the Ribbon
•    Using a corsage pin, wrap and secure the ribbon by angling the pin upward into the    flowers. Make sure the sharp end is hidden and not in danger of poking out.
•    Bend several of the stems upward to hide the attachment.


Step 6: Attaching the Corsage
•    Turning the corsage so that the ribbon end is at the top, use a large corsage pin to catch the ribbon and floral tape. You want the pin to travel into and out of the ribbon, using an extra pin to secure. Take time making sure it’s solidly attached.

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How to Make a Flower Corsage

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