Park Life…A Real Irish Wedding
by Savo Photography

If ever there was a wedding that I wish I had got the chance to attend, it would be that of Claire and Paul. Aiming for a fun and informal day, the words infectious joy were used to describe the mood in hindsight, and I think you’ll see that joy indeed beams from all their gorgeous photos, brilliantly captured by Eric of Savo Photography. We don’t get to hear enough from the grooms of Ireland here on Style Serendipity either, so it was a refreshing bonus to get Paul’s take on their whirlwind romance!

“It’s been a big of a whirlwind romance truth be told. We met in October 2010, and after asking four times Claire finally agreed to a date only to go home in less than an hour with a migraine. Anyone else would have given up! She’s lucky I’m persistent though, I knew there was something special there and she was so mortified about leaving early I was guaranteed a second date.”

So go on Paul, let us in on the proposal!

“We had talked about getting married and what type of day we’d both like and so on  but I pride myself on managing to surprise her by proposing in the kitchen in December 2011. We managed to keep it to ourselves that evening and spent the next day surprising family and friends by dropping in to deliver the news in person which was brilliant fun.”

Apart from her gorgeous short lace dress, Claire’s stunning sapphire and diamond ring was of the first things that caught my eye (I’m a magpie, what can I say!) but wait ’til you hear Paul’s reasons for choosing it, dedication to the cause right there! Classic!

“Her ring has a sapphire which everyone thinks is really elegant and “her” and while that’s true it’s worth pointing out that it means she’s wearing the Leinster colours forever more.”

I guess she’s lucky Leinster have pretty appealing team colours…!

Fun and happiness were the focus of the day and they put a lot of thought into planning a ceremony that would be a reflection of their personalities and commitment. Claire shares how they brought their vision to life.

“We wanted our day to be fun,it was as simple as that. We didn’t want a lot of formality; we didn’t want to get too tied down in adhering to tradition or protocol, we wanted our own celebration, which came from our hearts. Our church ceremony really helped set the tone, we picked lots of upbeat numbers for the Gospel Choir and I think a few people were surprised by how lively that part of the day was.”

Claire offers a really great piece of advise of for your ceremony too, one which I wish I had opted for.

“Record your ceremony, we didn’t and hadn’t realised how overwhelmed and emotional we’d be at the time. I don’t remember hearing any music walking down the aisle and didn’t see a single flower in the church event though they had been one of my favourite details in the planning stage. If we didn’t have the photos and some footage from friends iPhones I’m not sure we’d remember it!”

You know you have to be onto a good thing when your guests knew you were destined for each other from the start, and Paul has such a lovely way of expressing why they decided to take the plunge into married life.

“We wanted to have a wedding to publicly acknowledge a commitment we felt instinctively had been there from early on in our relationship. To be honest it just felt like the most logical thing we could be doing at that point in our lives. There wasn’t a friend or family member who was surprised by the news so we must be on the right track.”

I love Eric’s fresh take on wedding photography, and his style suits Claire and Paul’s effervescent personalities to a t! Finding someone they clicked with was a huge priority when searching for their photographer, and is something everyone should keep in mind when on the hunt for their ideal match.

“Once we met Eric we knew we had that sorted, it’s really important to have someone with a nice manner who will get on with everyone on the day. Our family and friends couldn’t believe the photos, which they loved – mainly because they hadn’t realised he was taking them at the time!”

Another lovely detail from their day were the penguin postcards which served a guestbook. Always a treat to see an Irish couple not afraid to create a day that is all their own.

Claire and Paul it’s been a pleasure sharing your beautiful day, I hope you continue to fill your world with infectious joy and delight for the years ahead. And massive thanks to Eric Savoie of Savo Photography, if you love what you see here there’s plenty more to be explored over at his website!

Photography: Savo Photography | Wedding Dress, Bridesmaid Dress & Accessories: Dirty Fabulous | Shoes: Nina New York  | Stationery – we (somewhat controversially!) didn’t send postal invites and used which worked really well for us. It was effortless to use and meant we had an RSVP list almost instantly. | Venue: Newman University Church & The Shellbourne Hotel |  Flowers: The Garden Powerscourt  | Hair: Deja vu Hair Design | Groom’s Suit:Louis Copeland

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by Savo Photography

  1. Hi Ciara, thanks for lovely feature with Claire & Paul. They where great fun, definitely one of the more memorable weddings for me this year. =)

  2. Stunning photos. Memorable describes this album perfectly. Thanks for sharing the fantastic wedding photography with us, we found it inspirational.

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