It’s a Love Story…

I love it when a couple chooses wedding music that is particularly personal and meaningful to them! One of the lovely brides, Sound of Serendipity have the pleasure of performing for this weekend, has chosen Taylor Swift Love story for her entrance and I can’t wait to play it! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and pick something that resonates with you, the soundtrack to your wedding should be full of favourites! Here’s a version by 16 strings which I thought might brighten up your Friday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. sarah

    My hubby picked our songs for the ceremony – he chose She’s so lovely by Scouting for girls for my entrance and I luv u by the ordinary boys for our exit! was soooo us I just loved it :)

    • Ciara

      What a lovely choice Sarah! And I think that’s the perfect way of looking at it, as long as you pick something that feels like you, you can’t go wrong! Lucky you having such a thoughtful hubby!

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