Charming in Adare…An Irish Engagement
by Chris Spira Photography

Sunny days in Ireland aren’t a dime a dozen, but today’s gorgeous couple Emmeline and Stephen hit the jackpot a few weeks back when they celebrated their wedding in Adare under a crystal clear blue sky! Their wedding and engagement was a truly international affair, with Emmeline (who’s originally from Singapore) and Stephen (who’s Irish!) travelling all the way from Shanghai for their big day, which in turn, was captured by the Frankfurt based photographer, Chris Spira. Chris did such a beautiful job with their engagement session the day before the wedding, making the most of the grounds of Adare Manor and the charm and character of the town itself. Adare has always been one of my favourite towns in Ireland so it’s lovely to see a couple embracing it’s picturesque nature! And the style fest doesn’t finish there! Be sure to stop by here again on Wednesday to see the stunning images captured by Chris of their wedding celebration! In the mean time head on over to her blog and check out the array of stunning photography under her belt!

Image Credits: Chris Spira Photography

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