A Festive Flower…Floral Inspiration
For your Christmas Wedding

With December nearly upon us, it’s nice to give in to the sense of festive cheer in the air. A lovely client of mine getting married in late December was looking for a way to incorporate a hint of Christmas in her day, without resorting to the typical red and green tones. We came up with a stylish twist on the old reliable, opting for bold and rich ruby shades, offset with a pop of pink and a splash of coral. It should look gorgeous surrounded by the cosiness of fairy lights and glowing fires at her venue, but equally would look stunning at any time of the year. Here of some of my favourite bouquet’s which convey the palette we had in mind! Which one would you choose?

Flowers by Joy Thigpen, Photography by Tec Petaja

Flowers by Flower Wild, Photography by Jose Villa

Flowers by Flower Wild, Photography by Jose Villa

Flowers by Lauryl Lane Photography by Jen Huang Photography |  Flowers by Flower Wild, Photography by Jose Villa

Flowers by Petalos Photography by Erich McVey 

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4 Responses to A Festive Flower…Floral Inspiration
For your Christmas Wedding

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  3. Kayla

    Thank you! I’m planning a December wedding and I’m determined to use bright colors like this. Everyone keeps saying if you have a winter wedding you need muted tones or Christmas colors. This is exactly what I’m looking for!

    • Ciara

      Hi Kayla, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So glad you found some inspiration, I adore the vibrancy of those bouquets so I’m sure it’ll look really beautiful on the day! Enjoy all the excitment :)

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