Les Herbes Aromatique…
Styling your wedding with fresh herbs

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid the cliches when it comes to wedding styling in a particular season. The autumnal colours of gold, burt orange and reds are absolutely gorgeous, but if you don’t want to go down this route, what are the alternatives? I spotted these stunning arrangements by florist extraordinaire Nicolette Camille, who suggested that herbs are the perfect way to integrate some seasonal elements into your wedding. Using black basil and dill she created the lush arrangements below, and it got me thinking how herbs of all kinds would bring a chic rustic influence to your big day!

Image credit: Tara Donne & Nicolette Camille

Image Credits: via Ana Rose | Pen Carlson via Style me Pretty

Not only are herbs incredibly striking when sprigs are dotted at each table setting, but they are also a really cost friendly alternative to flowers! You can pick up herb buckets in supermarkets for under €5, and grow as much as you want in the run up to the event.

Image credit: Tara Donne & Nicolette Camille

Image Credits: 17 apart | The Kitchn

You could continue your theme to the drinks reception, incorporating tasty mint to go with some crisp mojitos. Quick tip! According to the “all knowing” pinterest if you make ice cubes with boiled water instead of tap water the ice should stay clear rather than cloudy, showing off your mint leaves all the better. I haven’t tried it yet, but if anyone has, let me know if it works!

Image Credits: Tealily Photography via Once Wed | Steve Steinhardt  via Elizabeth Anne Designs  | via Pinterest

You can carry the element throughout your whole day, from the ceremony decor, to attaching your seating cards to herbs. Stuck for ideas for centre pieces? At The White Event, The Bridal Lounge came up with the ingenius idea of using pretty plant pots from Ikea and filling them with herbs to line the table. They look great and can be given away as favours or replanted after the day in your garden.

Image Credit:  Steve Steinhardt  via Elizabeth Anne Designs 

My vote for best unique herb idea though, has to go to the couple who had a confetti herb table. They put out bowls of different herbs and shared the symbolism for each, inviting guests to make their own mix and shower the new bride and groom with herbs of love, respect, virtue and good wishes!

So are your green fingers itching to get going (btw they will also bring a great aroma to your day!) check out this pretty print by Eva Juliet displaying the most common varieties of fresh herbs. Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you have planned!

Image Credit: Eva Juliet, Etsy via Burnett’s Boards

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Styling your wedding with fresh herbs

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