Irish Sunset Engagement by KOH Weddings

We may not have seen much sun for the last few days, but there’s no denying that the colours of an Irish sunset are pretty magical, if you’re lucky enough to catch them! Following a sunset proposal in Santorini, Greece, today’s lovely pair decided to embrace some beach life on the sand dunes of Donabate, and Kenneth of KOH Weddings was there to capture the magic.

Having spent some time getting the travel bug out of their system, Damien and JoJo finally crossed paths in October 2007.

“We met at a Pete Murray gig in the Ambassador in Dublin. JoJo recognised Damien through a mutual friend. Damien spent what felt like an age just staring at JoJo before JoJo went over and said hello! Damien managed to negotiate a few drinks in town later and once we got talking we never stopped as we hit it off straight away.”

I love hearing about the logistics of proposals and the different perspectives on what is actually going on!

“We got engaged after sunset on the island. While JoJo was worrying about everyone running off after sunset and filling up all the restaurants Damien was more worried about finding a nice quiet spot to get one one knee…”

So did he manage to find the perfect moment to pop the question?!

“Eventually that happened and Damien pulled out a ring (not the real one!) and a bottle of bubbly. JoJo need not have worried about food as Damien had booked the most romantic restaurant in beautiful Oia, overlooking the Caldera.”

It’s amazing how different a place can look bathed in late evening light, you could easily be on the shores of Cape Cod, which is exactly what they were hoping for.

“We both spent some time in the US and Australia and loved the beach side life. One of Damien’s favourite places is Cape Cod so we wanted to go with that vibe for the shoot.”

One of the main pieces of advice I would give for engagements shoots is to choose a location or setting that feels meaningful to you both so that there is a personal connection to the photos and the experience.

“We both love the beach and sea and during the summer would easily get to the beach 4 days a week either taking our dog for a walk or just out for a run…our house had some lovely beach scenes and white washed wooden floors and over looks the sea so we really wanted to get some lovely photo shots in the sand dunes.”

You certainly got what you were hoping for, with a rainbow even making an appearance! All the best for the rest of your life together, thanks for sharing your sunset with us, and thanks to Kenneth of KOH Weddings for giving us a glimpse of his lovely work. You can see more over at his blog.

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  1. Great work by KOH Weddings, their work is always awesome, capturing emotions so well. Well done!

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