The Wonder of Washi Tape…
DIY Wedding Ideas

Hope you’re as excited it’s the weekend as I am! And I thought what better way to kick it off than with a bit of colourful inspiration, courtesy of washi tape. If you haven’t come across this little “make and do” saviour yet, prepare to be impressed! These colourful tapes, known as Washi in Japan, are so versatile and can be put to a myriad of good uses in your wedding styling . Here are some of my favourite DIY ideas, perfect for putting your own stamp on your day, without spending a fortune.

Image Credit: Beaux Arts Photographie

Kelly Oshiro created a colourful table runner by placing strips of washi tape along the edge of a white table cloth. See more over at Modern Party Ideas

Image credit: via Handmade Weddings

I spent ages looking for colourful little pegs to pin up photos at my wedding. If only I’d seen read this feature in the fab book Handmade Weddings (which I bought after my wedding, Duh!) which shows how easy it is to transform the humble clothespeg into a stylish wedding detail with a little bit of tape!

Image credits: via Me Oh MyStudio Eleven Weddings via 100 Layer Cake

Love those little flags that look great sitting on, well…anything?! With some sticks, a scissors and Washi tape, you can make your own!

Image credits: Bird And Banner via Once Wed | Papermash

Wondering how you can create some fun and colourful table numbers, that are a million miles from standard hotel ones? Pop a little Washi tape on a board, or take your cue from this DIY post and jazz up some vintage books.

Image credits: By Wilma | Apartment Therapy | Sweet Paul

I think the main appeal of Washi tape for me, is how easy it is to use. Peel, tear, and stick and you’re good to go! How pretty do these glass jars and bottles looked adorned with some pretty stripes? As washi tape is quite translucent they’d look beautiful lit up with a tea light in a jar too!

Image Credit: via Griottes

And last but not least, if you really feel like thinking outside the box, here’s a little cutlery inspiration courtesy of some washi tape and colourful pens. They’d be a gorgeous detail at a festival or picnic style wedding.

So where can you get your hands on some of this amazing tape, you say? Check out the links here at Papermash, LilyPad Crafts, Washi Tapes , Happy tape and off you go! Have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to The Wonder of Washi Tape…
DIY Wedding Ideas

  1. I love washi paper and tape too! I lived in Japan for two years, and so bought much that I still have some left over. it’s great that you can find this now on Etsy and Ebay. Very cute post!

  2. Loving that number 4 Ciara! I’m very much a stripe girl :)

    • Ciara

      Thanks Aisling and Lisa, glad you enjoyed! I’d say I’d be dangerous if I ever ended up in Japan, too many pretty things to tempt me!

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