Sound of Serendipity…
A Taste of our New Repertoire!

Some of you may not realise that my passion for weddings originally began when I first performed with a string quartet at a wedding over ten years ago! I was hooked from the first moment and offically launched my own string ensemble Sound of Serendipity, last year. We have had the honour of playing at so many gorgeous weddings this Summer and I can’t wait to share our new recordings soon and a variety of new gems in our repertoire!

We are always looking to push the boundaries and encourage couples to design a sound track completely unique to them. One of my favourite new additions to our playlist is Viva la Vida. Who says wedding music has to be sedate?! We’ll have some of our own You Tube videos to share soon, but in the absence of that, here’s a little taste of L.A based Vitamin String Quartet performing this Coldplay classic. Hope it brightens up your Wednesday!

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7 Responses to Sound of Serendipity…
A Taste of our New Repertoire!

  1. That’s so funny, we just finished a 4 piece harp arrangement of that last weekend, along with married life from the Movie “Up”s soundtrack! Love Viva La Vida, never gets old. Reign of Love is great for weddings too.

    • Ciara

      Married Life from Up is one of my favourites ever! Can’t listen to it without welling up though, big softie that I am ;) Would love to hear your harp quartet sometime… I will eventually get back to my harp playing one of these years!

  2. Lovely variation Ciara! You should include more of your music recordings on your blog. Good to get all of the senses working, as well as all the visual treats :)

    • Ciara

      Thanks Aisling! That’s so true, the ears need a treat every now and then too rather than just the eyes! I need to get more proactive about sharing our work, glad you enjoyed!

  3. My favourite wakeup mornin song :) energy for all day long, love

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