Raising the Glamour Stakes…A “How To” Video
For Being a Bridal Chameleon

If you told me I’d won a shopping spree in the morning and could spend it on whatever I wanted, I’d immediately be doing a happy dance imagining all the new clothes, but even more importantly, interior and home goodies that I could splurge on. My sisters on the otherhand would go straight to the makeup counter for a bit of beauty TLC. I must admit I’ve always played it safe in the hair and makeup department, not really believing that they could have that much of an impact on your look. Well ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong! This little beauty of a how to video from BHLDN shows how a change in hair and makeup can make the world of difference! From soft and sultry to fiery and forties, if you’re looking for inspiring looks for your big day, they’re all here along with handy steps for recreating them at home! Happy Friday! I might even be brave and try out one of the looks myself (minus the veil of course!) tomorrow night!

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For Being a Bridal Chameleon

  1. Pretty cool. Can I have that hairdresser come in to my place Every morning? ;)

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