Pick & Mix…Bridal Separates
Saying No to the Dress!

Writing a wedding blog when your big day has come and gone can have its perils! Take today for example. Here’s an idea that I wish I had thought of when I was shopping for my dress, and though it might seem controversial, bear with me…..have you ever considered forgetting about “The Dress” altogether?! Bridal separates have come on light years from their ‘going away suit’ origins and today there is a whole range of dreamy skirts and tops just waiting to create your perfect outfit!

1: BHLDN 2: Anne Taylor

3: Anne Taylor 4: BHLDN

5: BHLDN 6: J Crew

7: Fancy NY 8: BHLDN

The beauty of separates is the freedom to pick and choose different elements, creating a truly personal look. And for bonus points you can wear the top or skirt separately long after your wedding is over! But my favourite thing about it all?! You can easily swop out a full tulle skirt for a flirty little short feathery number, and voila, you have a fun reception outfit just made for dancing! Check out a few of the beauties I discovered, as well as BHLDN’s full range of darling separates in their video!

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