Love in Phoenix Park…A Real Irish Engagement
by Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

Happy Monday everyone! If the grey weather outside is leaving you more than a little deflated, I hope the outrageously gorgeous light in today’s session from Lisa O’Dwyer Photography, will raise your spirits a little. These two lovebirds, Michelle and John, tied the knot over the weekend, but marked their engagement back in June on a sunny light filled evening in Phoenix Park. Lisa captured it all on film, and I think you’ll agree there’s a really special quality and luminosity to the pictures. Having watched the Castle Leslie shoot unfold through film, I’m absolutely sold on it’s old school beauty and I’m so excited to see it making a come back here again! Michelle and John, I hope you had a wonderful wedding day, and that there is a lifetime of happiness ahead. And thanks so much to Lisa for sharing such a gorgeous session. I can’t wait to see where the film photography adventure takes you next! Be sure to check out more eye candy over at her blog.


Image Credits: Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

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4 Responses to Love in Phoenix Park…A Real Irish Engagement
by Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

  1. The feel and colour tones of film is just second to none! Lovely shoot from Lisa!

  2. Thanks so much Ciara! Michelle and John had a beautiful light-filled weekend for their wedding too!

    • Ciara

      Thanks Lisa, and delighted to hear they got lucky with a beautiful day at the weekend too! Will be looking forward to seeing the results!

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