Taking Wedding Invitations to a Whole New Level…
The Epic Story of Jess & Russ

Some of you may have seen this work of art floating around online already, but to be honest it was too epic not to give you a glimpse anyway!  Love story invitations have really taken off this year, allowing a couple to share the intricate way fate stepped in and brought them together, but this beauty is in a universe all of it’s own!

I first came across the work of designers Russ and Jess in their entertaining and insightful video series, Don’t Fear the Internet! So when they got engaged, it seemed natural that they would put their innate computer skills to good use to create the mother of all amazing invitations. Enlisting the help of their talented artist friends they crafted a scrolling masterpiece detailing the twists and turns of their romantic love story!

There’s no way I can properly describe the intricacies of it all, so just head on over there and see it for yourself…but before that, Jess shares how it all came to be!

“I can’t say I was a normal girl, fantasizing about my wedding day from the time I could walk, but when Russ proposed I was ecstatic. A few days later the congratulations started pouring in from friends and stranger-friends along with one enthusiastic and intimidating statement: “Your wedding invites are going to be so awesome!” Russ and I are both designers, so the pressure was enormous to make something crazy. After a lot of scheming we realized one thing: that over the years we’ve met and befriended some truly incredible and talented people, all of whom we had hoped to collaborate with someday. The invite became the perfect opportunity to work together with people we care about, respect, admire, and love. We’re so happy and thankful for everyone involved, many of whom have played integral roles in the story of how we came to be.”

So would you consider going the digital invitation route having seen that the sky’s the limit? Or does simple and classic trump it every time?! Whatever way you feel about it, if they have put this much imagination into their invitation, I’m sure the wedding itself, happening in a few weeks, will be out of this world! Wishing you both all the best!

Images: Jess & Russ

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