Ribbon Garlands…Your New Best Friend!

Having performed at my fair share of weddings over the years with Sound of Serendipity, the one thing that I always notice is how a couple decorates their wedding aisle! (When you’re waiting for a bride to arrive, there’s usually lots of time to take in all the ceremony details!) Often the venue itself is so beautiful there is very little need for added ornamentation, but too often the same shiny papery ribbons appear draped over church pews and seats. What’s a couple to do if they want to break from the norm you say? There are lots of ideas that I could share, but when I spotted this wedding by Tec Petaja with it’s amazing ribbon tassel, I knew I had hit on something really special!

Image Credits: Tec Petaja via Style me Pretty

This look certainly isn’t for the conservative, but the good news is, it’s really easy to make yourself! For maximum impact pick about 3/4 different ribbons in similar shades, (try to get the best quality you can afford!) then using a length of thin rope simply start tying on the different strands until you have a stunning ribbon garland!

If you are going to put the time in and DIY this beauty, you might as well get the full value out of it and reuse it throughout the rest of your day. It could be an ideal backdrop for your dessert table or guest book area. String it along the front of your top table or hang it against a wall and pin your favourite photos onto it. Or continue the theme by giving your flower girls ribbon wands, and trimming the backs of chairs with ribbon garlands too. The list goes on, but one things for sure, ribbons, when done right, can be an amazing way to bring style to your big day!

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2 Responses to Ribbon Garlands…Your New Best Friend!

  1. Hi,

    Yes I thought the same!,

    Do you know of a good ribbon supplier with these types of colours or where the bride got them from?

    Kind Regards,


    • Ciara

      Hi Leonie, so glad you liked the post! Unfortunately I don’t know exactly where the bride got their ribbons. Where abouts are you based and I can point you in the direction of a supplier doing something similar? :)

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