Choosing a Unique Wedding Present…Pretty Prints!
For the couple who has everything

Ah, who doesn’t love a bank holiday Monday?! Hope those of you who are lucky enough to have enjoyed a three weekend made the most of it! No doubt a lot of people spent the weekend at a wedding…which brings me to the subject of wedding presents!

When wedding season hits, and so many people you know are tying the knot, it can be a daunting task to think of a present that’s a little outside the box. With lots of Irish couples not opting for gift lists, the wedding present decision can be a minefield!

Image credit: Nan Lawson

Every couple is different, but one of my favourite presents from our wedding was a custom illustration by the artist Nan Lawson, that my fab sister Eadaoin very sneakily arranged. She collected photos of my husband and I, together and apart, and had Nan create a beautiful illustration, like the ones above! It was the first thing I hung on the wall in our new place, and as cliche as it sounds, made it feel a bit more like home!

Nan has a waiting list for her portraits now, so if you are interested in your own version be sure to sign up to her mailing list here. And for those of you who think a pretty personal print or painting could be the perfect present for your next wedding, here are a few of my other favourites, currently available online!

Art can be such a personal thing, so do consider a couples personal style and taste before you take the leap, but there are lots of fun prints out there, like this ‘foxy pair’ print available from Graham and Green.

These gorgeous prints from Jane Steger Lewis are a beautiful choice and a great way of bringing in an Irish element. The map is made from a paper cut out that took her over a month to finish, pretty impressive, no?! Available from the lovely Irish online shop, Garendenny Lane.

Another humorous but stylish choice, advice for what to say to your new spouse perhaps?! Available from Not on the High Street

If you’ve had a few amazing adventures over the years with the couple in question (or know enough stories about their travels!) The Drifting Bear Co. will compile them in a print, so they can hang their favourite memories on the wall for safe keeping! Available from Not on the High Street

And finally, keeping on the travel theme, Bombus will frame a selection of cut outs showing special locations. Could be a lovely idea to frame the location where a couple met, where they got engaged or their honeymoon. And if you’re feeling particularly crafty, I’m sure you could create your own version too!

So I hope it’s inspired you to embrace some more unusual wedding presents. Would you like to receive some art on your wedding day, or is it just too personal a gift?!

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2 Responses to Choosing a Unique Wedding Present…Pretty Prints!
For the couple who has everything

  1. These are fab. Especially like the deer and foxy pair! Such great ideas and features here:)

  2. Love the ides of framing special locations . Important memories of first meeting engagement and honeymoon destination recorded is very special. Great idea.

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