Stylish Success…A Nod to Sporting Chic

In honour of the Olympics, which kicks off today with a hopefully dazzling opening ceremony in London, I thought I’d share how you can embrace some sporting success in your big day! While Olympic medals might trump retro trophies, these relics of sporting history can bring a lovely touch of vintage chic to your table decor! There are plenty of them available to buy on Ebay, and they look gorgeous filled with an array of beautiful blooms! Enjoy the games, have a great weekend, and in the spirit of winning, be sure to stop by on Monday for a special competition!

Image Credit: Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet & Ink

Image Credits:  Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet & Ink  |  Thus + Farrell via Em for Marvelous

Image Credits:  Lisa Lefkowitz via Snippet & Ink | Ryan Ray Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Image Credits: via Content in a Cottage | via Rhubarb Reign


Image Credit: White Iron Stone Cottage

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