Southern Style & Irish Charm…A Real Wedding
By Paula O’Hara Photography

There’s something really special about getting to see a couples love story come full circle, especially when their adventure has been as magical as that of Conor and Alise. You might remember their out of this world engagement by Paula O’Hara, which I shared back in October? They embarked on a whirlwind romance following a chance meeting in Belfast, while Alise was visiting Ireland from the states. It was a real life P.S I Love You story, and in April, Paula O’Hara travelled to Georgia to capture their wedding day!

I think you’ll see straight away from Paula’s stunning photos, that Alise and Conor poured their heart and soul into every aspect of the wedding, and with the help of family and friends, Alise styled and created all the details of their wedding day!

“Since I was moving to Belfast, we chose to get married in Atlanta, Georgia. We wanted a church wedding, as we both come from different religious backgrounds, we chose a non-denominational church. Our reception was held at Windermere Golf Club, in my hometown of Cumming, Georgia. I worked at this golf club for over two years as the events manager. Since I had worked and witnessed so many weddings and events, I knew exactly how I wanted our wedding to look. The vendors were very accommodating to my needs for our wedding since I had worked with them before.” 

As Alise was relocating to Ireland after the wedding, they decided to celebrate their marriage in Georgia, and for it to be a reflection of both Irish and American culture and heritage. I love the soft and dreamy palette of the bridesmaid dresses and flowers, a perfect example of southern elegance!

“We wanted our wedding to be romantic, dreamy, elegant, traditional, and relaxed. Old Southern style meets Irish charm. I choose a soft palette of blush, lavender, slate, and champagne for the bridesmaid dresses which complimented the colours and décor of the reception. We wanted a wild flower look, and hand picked each type of flower that we wanted for the centrepieces and bouquets.”

Isn’t Paula’s photography just beautiful?! It’s so important that couples feel a personal connection with their wedding photographer, and having captured their engagement shoot, Alise and Conor knew Paula was the one for them, flying her all the way from Ireland to capture the big day.

“Paula O’Hara was everything we dreamed for.  Her skill is amazing and she puts her heart and soul into everything she photographs. When I first laid my eyes on her photography it was love at first sight. I loved her personal editorial/documentary style and knew we had to have her for our engagement pictures here in Ireland. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and we felt we could just be ourselves. We were having no luck finding another wedding photographer in Atlanta that could compliment our engagement shoot. We asked her thinking she would say, “no”. She made us one very happy couple when she agreed to fly over for her first international wedding.”

How adorable is this page boy? Love the Toms shoes!

This shot just really sums up the sheer joy at finally becoming husband and wife! Alise also chose to wear her mum’s veil, a number of heirloom details she incorporated into the day.

“Most of the women in my family are all antique-lovers so I had quite a collection to choose from that made up our centrepieces. My mom, Conor and I scoured antique shops in America and Northern Ireland as well. I’m a very detail-oriented person and wanted almost every item at our wedding to have personal meaning to it. I wore my mom’s veil that she wore on her wedding day 29 years ago. I wore my great grandmother’s broach on my sash at the reception.”

What a beautiful bridal party, and a perfect example how mismatched bridesmaids dresses can look amazing!

They could be models right? And I love Conor’s choice of suit, really dapper and yet contemporary! Having spent so long planning all the details, they wanted to make sure they just enjoyed every bit of the day, no matter what!

“Keep in mind what’s really important to you. Your wedding day is a reflection of you both as a person, so make it as personal as you want it. Try not to stress about the little things that are out of your control. You can try to plan all you want about how exactly the day will go, but it never goes exactly according to plan. 

It’s in all the details for the reception, that Alise’s creativity truly shines! (Hopefully she’ll share some of those wedding talents here!) Nearly everything you see below was handmade by Alise, with the help of her family and friends!

“As with most couples, we had a tight budget, so we had many DIY elements that made up the day. I did not want our wedding to be just another “cookie-cutter” wedding. I was excited to handle most of the décor and details myself, and thankfully I am blessed with many talented friends and family members that did so much for us!” 

One of the loveliest details from the day, was the homemade jam that Alise made with her grandmother for favours, even though she couldn’t attend on the day itself due to ill health.

My favourite piece of advice from Alise and Conor? Two words; Be Present! It’s a good way of summing up how important it is to relax and enjoy every moment.

‘Be Present’ in everything that day and take a few minutes with your new husband to actually take-in everything that you’ve been planning for all those months. Enjoy every second of your special day because it will fly by!

“After flying back and forth for so many months and being separated whilst planning the wedding; our day was truly the perfect ending and beginning for us. Since I recently moved to Belfast, it was a very emotional day for everyone as well. I was so thrilled to finally be marrying the love of my life, but sad to leave all my dearest family and close friends. There was so much love and joy surrounding us, and it was honestly better than we both imagined it could’ve been.”

I can’t imagine what a special and emotional day it must have been, knowing it’s the start of the adventure with the love of your life, but also to be leaving family and friends. As Paula said, Georgia’s loss is Ireland’s gain, and I’ve no doubt that Alise and Conor will have a wonderful life here. Wishing you both all the best, and thanks for allowing us to share in your special journey! Huge thanks to Paula O’Hara also for capturing and sharing what Alise called ‘pure wedding magic’, be sure to explore more of her gorgeous work over here!

Wedding Credits: Photography: Paula O’Hara | Dress : La Sposa | Earrings: Kate Spade | Wedding Rings: Lunns Belfast | Stationery: Maggie Dunstan | Venue : Peachtree Christian Church (Atlanta, Georgia) and Windermere Golf Club (Cumming, Georgia) | Flowers  : Laurens and Karen Norton, “Floral Art at it’s Finest” | Hair : Analea Murray, Freelance Stylist, and Jasmine Farahdel of Collage Hair Design | Makeup : Jasmine Farahdel | Groom’s Suit: Kenneth Cole, House of Fraser | Catering : Windermere Golf Club | Cake: Natalie Roth, Cake Envy

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4 Responses to Southern Style & Irish Charm…A Real Wedding
By Paula O’Hara Photography

  1. Thanks so much Ciara and Alise for your lovely encouraging words and this gorgeous feature!!!
    It’s like a dream now. Makes me miss Georgia again!

  2. Just beautiful. Love the pastel shades and pretty details. The couple are so effortlessly stylish. Paula – I’d say you had lots of fun at this wedding!

  3. Such a beautiful story and pictures. They are so in love, and the pictures really show it:)

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