Doughnut Delights…
Some sweet simple treats for your wedding

Good morning! Hope today’s post doesn’t bring on too many sweet cravings, but I couldn’t resist sharing the latest dessert bar trend, doughnuts! While Homer Simpson, and 80′s police shows might come to mind, the doughnut has been reincarnated into the perfect accessory to bring a bit of fun into your wedding styling! The good news is, it’s really versatile, easy to incorporate and a lot more budget friendly than some other wedding treats!

Image credits: Elsie & Emma, A Beautiful Mess | Studio 28 Photography via Style me Pretty | Martha Stewart | Hey Gorgeous Events via The Wedding Chicks | Jeanna Hayes Studio via Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re going the doughnut dessert bar route, it can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Cake stands are ideal for a pyramid of doughnuts, accessorised with little flags for effect, or simply pile a few directly on top of each other, supported by a straw. I love the blackboard background above, to show your guests what’s what!

Image Credits: Gabriel Ryan Photographers via Style Unveiled |Maggie Ruggiero via Green Wedding Shoes |Dove and Sparrow Photography via Style me Pretty

If you feel like making a statement with your wedding cake, why not use mini doughnuts as the perfect accessory (it certainly makes a change to flowers!) or pile them high on stacked cake tins for maximum impact! To make it as easy as possible for your guests to get their hands on a some doughy goodness, place little tissue squares or cupcake liners between each one to avoid them sticking!

Image Credits: via The Londoner | via Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi | Joielala Photographie via Green Wedding Shoes | 

Don’t let anything go to waste, the inside of the doughnut (i.e the doughnut hole!) make amazing appetizers stacked on sticks, or coat them in sugar and serve in little cones!

When it comes to any aspect of your wedding, it’s often the little details that bring it to a whole other level. Make little labels or flags to let guests know what different flavours there are, and for fun you could include little doughnut taster score cards, like the couple above! I think the overall thing to keep in mind though, is that this trend is all about having fun! So just relax and enjoy the sugar rush!

Image Credits: Tinywater Photography via Somewhere SplendidHeather H Photography via Ruffled

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Some sweet simple treats for your wedding

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