A Wedding for less than 5k? Can it be done?!
A Real Irish wedding from Inspired by Love

Weddings and Budgets…one of the longest lasting marriages in the world! Unless you’re having a wedding where budget isn’t an issue (can’t say I’ve met any of you lucky people yet!), the cost of a wedding day is going to be a major factor in your wedding experience! If you’re getting overwhelmed by how quickly the costs of a wedding can add up, maybe you’ll be inspired by today’s real Irish wedding.

I have so much admiration for today’s gorgeous couple Aedin and Ger, as they didn’t let the challenges of recession stop them from focusing on what was important, and managed to have a beautiful day on a budget of €4500! Yes indeed, you read that right, it can be done! Sona, from Inspired by Love was on hand to capture all their creativity, love and personality throughout the day!

Childhood sweethearts, Aedin and Ger met at a kickboxing class, and after eleven years together, Ger decided it was time to take the next step.

“We got engaged in December 2010 – We came home for Christmas as we now live in Wales and on the 22nd December, Ger brought me and our dog Lilly to a beach in Waterford (one we always went to through the years) and shocked the life out of me when he bent down on one knee!. I could barely see him through the tears!”

While they had originally planned on a wedding abroad, when the costs started to creep up and the reality of recession hit, they started to worry that they would never be able to afford to get married. But instead of putting everything off for years, they decided that the most important thing was to share their love for each other in front of all their family and friends, even if their original plans had to be tweaked.

“We started to plan our wedding in January 2011 and had decided on having it in Zakynthos, Greece. We couldn’t wait to tell everyone about our plans and we had hoped to book a date for 2013. Having nieces and nephews that are at school, it was difficult to sort a date that didn’t clash with their exams, and as well as that, the looming recession was causing extreme concern.

We felt like we would never be able to afford to get married. Then it hit us. We either get married by means we can manage or wait another ten years before tying the knot!” 

Raheen House and Hillview Sports Club turned out to be the perfect setting for their intimate celebration.

“Our guest list consisted of immediate family and a few friends, 36 in total and the staff of Raheen House really looked after us. Our guest list consisted of immediate family and a few friends, 36 in total and the staff of Raheen House really looked after us. We chose Hillview Sports Club for the venue for the meal and party afterwards. Price was a huge factor but we also were given the freedom to decorate the hall as we pleased. We had a large guest list for the after party so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of room! I couldn’t wait to get started!”

No matter what your budget is, I would always encourage couples to get the best photographer that they can afford, so that you can relive it all again through stunning photos. Aedin and Ger couldn’t have been more delighted with how Sona from Inspired by Love captured the magic of their day.

“Because budget was so strict for us, we really had to think on how we could spend wisely. We wanted to look back at our wedding photos when we are old and grey and remember every second like it was yesterday. We knew we had to find ourselves the best photographer for us so that all our favourite moments would be captured. Thankfully we found Sona from Inspired by Love and she exceeded our expectations.”

They chose a classic palette of black and white, accented with pops of pink. To keep on budget they ordered most of the details on Ebay and received lots of help from family and friends.

“The nicest thing about our wedding was the help and input we received from our friends and families. They helped with decorating, my friend Lesley did the flowers for the table and our bouquets, my friend Angela and her daughters did the catering, Gers cousins were the band for the afters and my brother in law was our chauffeur! It was great to include everyone in the planning and no one felt left out.”

I love how they brought little aspects of their personalities into the day, like wearing their runners, having a lindy hop first dance and creating activity books to keep their younger guests entertained! Staying true to their personalties was the best way to make their wedding feel like ‘them’, and something Aedin would encourage all couples to keep in mind.

“Stay true to yourselves and what you want as a couple. Not what you think everyone else would want. Whose damn wedding is it anyway! If someone doesn’t like it, tell them to stay at home. Believe me – they soon come around! Having a strict budget is not a bad thing. We made a beautiful wedding for ourselves to our taste for €4,500. That included invitations, catering, cutlery& crockery hire, wine, hall rental, clothes, decorations, hair and makeup for me and 5 bridesmaids, wedding favours and boxes (ebay!), chocolate bar gifts for the wedding party, photographer, registrar payment, party food for the afters, band PLUS our ferry ticket home and back!”

“You don’t have to spend a fortune – make the day your own. It’s all about personal touches. Everyone commented on how they felt the whole thing was brilliant, so intimate and we got to share the day properly by getting to speak to everyone that came.”

Huge congratulations to you both, and thanks for showing us that a personal and memorable wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth! Thanks also to Sona of Inspired by Love for allowing us to see all the special moments from the day!

Wedding Details: Photography: Inspired by Love | Dress: eBeauty Dress, Ebay | Shoes: Penneys (Aedín), JJB’s Sports (Ger) | Accessories: Penneys | Stationery: Ebay | Venue: Raheen House and Hillview Sports Club | Flowers: Lesley Moore | Hair & Makeup: Cathy O Reillys Hair Salon | Groom’s outfits Jeans: Jack &Jones , Shirt: New Look, Tie: Matalan |  Catering: Angela Ryan | Cake : Mother of the Bride |

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5 Responses to A Wedding for less than 5k? Can it be done?!
A Real Irish wedding from Inspired by Love

  1. What a fun looking wedding! Love that the groom wore jeans and runners :)

  2. orla

    I HI would like some information about these weddings. Thank you

  3. una

    Hi i was shocked to see that a wedding can be organised on such a low budget, we too would love to set a date as we have been enaged for few years, but budget is a factor, i know we could go out foreign, just two of us, but i would love our parents and both our nephews and nieces to be part of our day, could you send me on some information…thank yoyu

    • Ciara

      Hi Una and Orla, I agree a wedding for under 5k is such a challenge. I’m afraid I don’t have any more info beyond what the couple originally gave me in 2012. It looks like they kept things affordable by having only 36 guests and hiring a sports club for as their venue for the day. They also enlisted lots of friends and family to help with things like flowers, the catering and the band so that allowed them to keep the costs down. Hope that info helps. I know keeping budget down is such a stressful thing but identifying your priorities and allocating accordingly can help. I’m sure your day will be stunning either way, best of luck with it! Ciara

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