Styling Trend: The Lost Art of Handwriting
6 Beautiful Calligraphers to enjoy

I have a confession to make, I have a secret addiction to pretty handwriting, and have lost many hours online swooning over the work of talented calligraphers and designers. You just can’t beat a bit of beautiful calligraphy for transforming the mundane into something other worldly, so today I thought I would share six of my discoveries with you! If you spotted my pretty but practical decor post a few weeks ago you’ll see how calligraphy can have a huge impact on your wedding styling. So, in no particular order, enjoy exploring the work of some of my favourites below!

1: Chelsea Petaja of Oh my Deer Handmades

I’ve been a fan of Chelsea’s work for some time now through her beautiful blog Oh my Deer Handmades which gives a lovely insight into her work and life. From custom logo’s to pretty prints and stunning hand lettering her work would make any wedding sparkle.

Images via oh my deer handmades

2: Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow

As if I didn’t love Mara’s work enough already, I was lucky enough to get a notebook with my name engraved with her script, at Joy Thigpen’s styling workshop in February. Mara has the midas touch managing to strike the perfect balance between simple and evocative. You might remember her amazing star constellation chart from this post. She will be moving to Florence this September to further explore how her calligraphy can applied to surfaces other than paper. See more of her gorgeous work here.

Images via Neither Snow

3: Meagan Tidwell of Meagan Tidwell Design

I just recently came across Meagan’s work through the images of her work at the Once Wed magazine launch party, and I love what I see! You may have spotted her beautiful wedding in the Once Wed magazine, or here. I’ve no doubt she’s going places! Be sure to explore more at Meagan Tidwell Design.

Image Credits: Rylee Hitchner & Jose Villa via Once Wed

4: Patricia and Rachel Mumau of Primele

Sisters Patricia, Rachel and Kim have been making big waves in the design world over the last few years through their elegant and whimsical calligraphy. If you’d like to have a little bit of Primele finesse in your everyday life, be sure to check out their custom address stamps in their Etsy shop, or their pretty stationary line Fawnsburg!

Images via Oh So Beautiful Paper

5: Maureen Koo

I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Maureen Koo at Serenbe in February, and trust me she’s just as lovely as her beautiful work. Based in L.A, check out her website to see recent collaborations with Catalina Bloch and Allison Rhee of Enamored With.

Image Credit: Catalina Bloch

6: Jenna Hein of Love Jenna Calligraphy

Last but, certainly not least are the fabulous flourishes of Jenna Hein. The white on black calligraphy is particularly stunning isn’t it? Oh to get an envelope like that in the post! Jenna will write anything your heart desires, so get dreaming!

Images via Elizabeth Anne Designs

With so much beautiful work out there it would be impossible pick a favourite, but I hope I’ve created a few new calligraphy fans! All of the above calligraphers are based stateside but are happy to work with international clients! I’m not sure whether this style of calligraphy is available in Ireland, but if anyone has spotted a talented designer on this side of the pond be sure to let me know!

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16 Responses to Styling Trend: The Lost Art of Handwriting
6 Beautiful Calligraphers to enjoy

  1. These are gorgeous samples of calligraphy. I’ve been on the look out for a talented Irish calligrapher. They are hard to find….could anyone suggest any?

  2. Gorgeous work. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty Ciara. Such talented people :)

  3. Hello Ciara, what a great post (I’m a fellow BYW student). It’s such a gift to be able to write in that way isn’t it. Thanks for sharing. A feast for the eyes!

    • Ciara

      Hi Carol, thanks for your kind words! Hope you’re enjoying BYW so far, looking forward to exploring all your lovely blogs!

  4. Great examples. We hand wrote our own wedding invites and although I loved doing it as it felt really personal, neither of our handwriting NEARLY matches up to these beautiful scripts!

    • Ciara

      Hi Katie, glad you enjoyed! You just can’t beat the personal touch with handwritten invitations, I’m sure they were beautiful!

  5. I love handwriting and calligraphy too! I’ve just started rediscovering it, after BYW brought up great memories of hand-lettering love letters and cards for my friends back in high school. Thanks for sharing this inspiring list!

    • Ciara

      Thanks Deepa, so glad you enjoyed the post! In the world of computers it’s so easy to forget how amazing beautiful writing can be, lovely to reminisce on the days when we used to make cards regularly!

  6. I love this! Great comprehensive look at styles for calligraphy. so helpful!

    • Ciara

      Thanks Lora, there doesn’t seem to be many options for calligraphy on this side of the pond so it was lovely to get to share my favourites, glad you enjoyed!

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  8. This is a great post Ciara. I just love those samples and the handwritten style. Might have to share again for my brides!!

  9. beautiful!! im so inspired by the gorgeous wedding invites out there – thanks for sharing some of your favourites!

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